Hemerocallis (Stella d’oro lily) Care Tips

Hemerocallis is a plant native to East Asia and is known to us as “stella d’oro lily”. The plant is easy to grow and does not need special care. However, in order for it to develop beautiful flowers, it is good to follow certain rules of planting and care. Here are the most important of them:

1. The plant grows well if it is located on a sunny plot, with direct sunlight but adapts well in partial shade.

2. Hemerocallis should be planted in late March to early April. They can be planted individually or in groups of 3-4. For abundant flowering, the plant needs nutrients stored in the previous year.

3. For this reason, the land must be enriched with a fertilizer with slow-release or organic fertilizer. It is good to know that these plants are adaptable and grow well in a wide variety of well-drained soils, however, preferring a deep and fertile clay.

4. Starting with June, the plant is watered regularly but remember that it is good to let the soil dry between waterings. Hemerocallis does not require abundant watering because constantly moist soil can lead to bulb rot.

5. At the same time, at the beginning of spring it is good to apply a preventive treatment with a broad-spectrum insecticide and a systemic fungicide, in order to prevent the attack of aphids and the development of fungal diseases, often favored by the colder and wetter climate.

6. When the flowers are not open, the fountain-like leaves, with an elegant color and texture, give an interesting look to the garden. Due to their large size, these leaves will suffocate the weeds and form a green carpet above the ground.

7. Stella d’oro lilies should be divided to maintain their vigor when the groups become too crowded.

8. Usually the plant resists well over the winter, at many degrees below zero. But the bulbs can be extracted from the ground during the vegetative rest, stored in a dark, cold, and dry place, and replanted in their place in the garden in spring.

9. If you do not want to remove the bulbs from the ground over the winter, it is good to cut the stems at the base after the flowering period.

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