Gardening For Your Health: How To Create The Perfect Retreat In Your Back Yard

If you have ever wondered how nature can impact your health and wellbeing, you may be surprised to discover that the benefits of nature are all backed by science, rather than being mere spineless beliefs; as many would assume. Even though certain benefits of nature may seem baseless, the array of health and wellbeing effects will influence your quality of life and leave you feeling happier and healthier. However, when it comes to spending adequate time in nature, many may disregard the possibility. While some of us may not have access to a nearby nature retreat, others endure a general lifestyle that tends to keep nature at bay.

However, whether your everyday lifestyle is significantly chaotic or you aren’t able to spend weekends in the great outdoors for any other reason, you could consider transforming your back yard in the ultimate outdoor retreat. This will allow you to take advantage of all that nature has to offer without having to leave your home. If you aren’t entirely sure how to garden for your health, the following tips will help you get started with your worthwhile project of transforming your available outdoor space into a calming sanctuary of your own.

Understand The Benefits

The health and wellbeing benefits of nature span over several categories, and while you will be able to benefit regardless of your knowledge, understanding the benefits more accurately will help you plan our project. Some aspects of nature can provide varied benefits as well, such as sunlight aiding depression and anxiety, while other elements assist other health and wellbeing issues. Therefore, you should consider each element and how it will directly impact your health while evaluating how much space you have available to incorporate the elements.

The Sounds Of Nature

Being in the great outdoors often silences the mind, and this is mostly because there are several sounds of nature that seem to demand attention most positively and subconsciously. However, when it comes to incorporating the sounds of nature in your garden design, you may be wondering how you could achieve this. The answer is quite simple, you should consider the most specific types of sounds that nature would provide in the great outdoors and mimic these sounds with outdoor features. Therefore, when considering how to incorporate the calming sounds of flowing water, you could opt for a water feature.

Outdoor water features are available in varying sizes and designs, which means you will be able to find one that is just right for your garden. Other sounds of nature include the subtle sounds of birds, and while you won’t be able to home wild birds in cages in your yard, you can welcome these mystic creatures in by adding a birdbath, a few bird tree houses, and ample wild birdseed.

Incorporating Comfort

If you aren’t planning on using your lawn as seating, it would be wise to opt for some natural look patio furniture to ensure you are able to fully enjoy the space. Even though indulging in nature suggests that the closer you are, the more amplified the benefits will be, not everyone will find laying on the grass a suitable decision. When selecting patio furniture, options such as floor cushions and wooden furnishings are usually best as they will complement the idea of spending time in nature, unlike more modern patio furniture designs.

The Scents Of Nature

Once you have laid out the groundwork for your garden design and you are able to start selecting plants that will fill up the empty spaces, you may feel somewhat overwhelmed with the choices. However, as your goal is to incorporate the elements of nature, you should consider scented plants before regular ones. Scented plants such as lavender bushes can provide a most soothing atmosphere that will amplify the benefits of nature. You should avoid going overboard with scented plants as the natural smells may clash is planted too close together. Therefore, it would be wise to opt for a couple of favoured scents that complement one another and ensure they are planted with more than enough space in between.

Surround Yourself With Nature

When it comes to filling up empty spaces with plants, it is best to opt for plants in varying sizes as tall plants will help you surround yourself more effectively with nature. Therefore, opting for tall, elegant trees and bushy shrubs to frame vibrant flowers is a great idea. You can also consider the popular design of wild gardens as these are usually low maintenance. Wild gardens incorporate an abundance of plants that grow freely and are most likely increasingly popular as they illuminate nature in a more natural way, unlike various other landscaping designs that boast sharp corners and unnatural placement of plant life. Because your goal is to take advantage of the health benefits of nature, you should consider how plants grow in nature and incorporate this into your design. You could consider creeper plants such as vines that would engulf garden walls and showcase natural charm.

Creating the perfect outdoor retreat is a project that often takes time and ample effort, although, the benefits will be felt long before the project is completed; especially if you have devoted the time to growing your own plants rather than opting for store-bought options. The act of gardening and digging in the soil will free your mind of stress and anxiety as a popular hobby that is also exceptionally rewarding. Therefore, rather than dreading the process, you should consider each step of the project a healing journey to creating the perfect outdoor sanctuary. You will also need to maintain your efforts long after the project has been completed, which means gardening should be a part of your lifestyle to best enjoy the process each step of the way. Opting for quick-fix solutions may shorten the time and reduce the effort, although, you will not truly be getting close to nature.

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