Flowering Green Thumb: 10 Best Plants to Grow in Your Garden

Keeping a garden requires a lot of devotion and time. But the benefits of maintaining one are a lot more satisfying than one could expect. Not only do they make an excellent addition to your landscape efforts, but it is also suitable for your well-being and health.

Plants for your garden may vary depending on what you feel that you need to have. Flowers are great choices because they serve as ornaments and make your garden look appealing. If you feel like having a vegetable garden, you can choose some that are nutritious and can double as an adornment for your garden.

Whatever choices that you make to have in your garden, you know that this is a wonderful endeavor because it keeps you busy and provides you with a certain level of comfort. In order to achieve one, you have to choose the plants that are convenient for you. If you are a newbie in gardening, then you have to pick those that are easy to grow. Here are the following plants that you can grow in your garden:

Plants For Your Garden

Mint. This plant is already a staple for every kitchen. After being introduced as a healthy option for food and drinks, mint is becoming a popular addition to every gardener’s backyard. Aside from being a great ornament, it has both culinary and medicinal values. It is rich in Vitamin A, and its aroma helps you relax.

While you can plant it in your garden, it can also thrive in containers and even indoors. The important thing is to give it the amount of care it needs to grow. Although you may have trouble on its runners, harvesting it frequently will help to keep it tame.

Marigold. Known for its versatility, marigolds are a traditional flower that can grace your garden with their cheery flowers. It can attract insects that prey on pests found in your garden.

They grow well in full sunshine and can withstand the heat; that is why they are fantastic to grow during summers. Some types tolerate wet conditions, but most of them grow mainly in warm weather. This flower is also great for beddings in your garden.

Pansy. Pansy is a beautiful-looking flower that looks like it has a face. The flowers can add a beautiful pop into your garden because of the amount of colors it gives. It only needs to be always watered to grow. It is suitable as decoration, but pansy also happens to be one of the edible flowers out there, along with marigold and lavender.

Carrots. Easily one of the most popular vegetables to have in your garden. From being used as an ingredient for salads to being roasted and sauteed, they add a variety of color to every meal. It is wise to have it around you because it is often lovely for your recipe at home. There are different types of carrots out there, not only the orange variety you are used to.

Parsley. Always a perfect garnish for your recipe, it is also rich in Vitamins A and C. It grows from spring to freezing weather. It is pretty easy to grow and needs just enough sunlight and water to thrive. You can get an established plant to start in your garden or opt for seeds to save money and get more plants.

Sedum. Also called stonecrop, this plant is so easy to grow that it needs little attention. It will grow just like any other plant, but it can go well in less friendly areas. If you have an area in your garden that is a little less welcoming, sedum can easily adjust in such conditions, but that does not mean that you have to take such a plant for granted.

Tomatoes. Just like carrots, tomatoes are often used as an ingredient for your recipes. It adds color to an otherwise uninspiring salad. Instead of wasting your time getting to the market to buy a bunch, you can have them grow in your backyard for easy picking. Remember that it contains antioxidants that help fight off heart disease and cancer, health benefits you can find in your garden.

Basil. Some people use basil often in their food and drinks. If you are one of them, then you can add basil as part of your growing collection of edible plants. Instead of purchasing one from the store, you can have it at a lesser price by growing one. Besides, you can never go wrong with basil since it is a natural addition to cooking.

Potatoes. This imposing plant grows best in full sun but needs more attention as it can be of less quality if left alone to fend for itself. What makes it even better for you is that it has good health benefits like providing higher immunity and controlling your blood sugar.

Beets. What makes this plant unique is that the whole thing, from the tips of its leaves to its roots, is edible. In other words, you waste nothing if you have it in your garden. Aside from its numerous health benefits, it is also known to be a cure for hangovers. It contains an antioxidant called betacyanin which helps turn alcohol in your body into a less destructive substance.


There are more plants out there that you can choose from. Others may require more care than the rest. Sometimes there is a level of expertise when growing one. But it depends on how well you devote your time and effort to growing them and learning to maintain your garden. Choose the plants that will suit you and your needs.

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