Advantages of Zero Turn Mowers

Zero Turn Mower
Zero Turn Mower

When zero turn mowers first emerged onto the market, they were mainly for the commercial sphere and marketed on the basis that they would enable professional gardeners to get their jobs done quicker. Once their speed, agility and ability to turn on the spot became clear, however, these mowers quickly became popular among homeowners with overly large and difficult lawns to mow, too. Manufacturers quickly cottoned onto this and began making models specifically for these types of users.

There are several advantages of a zero turn mower, but the main one-it allows to cut your lawn as quickly as possible. Those models have been designed for pure speed - those models for homeowners are able to travel around 5 miles per hour, whilst those aimed at professionals are able to travel around 7 miles per hour. Are there any other reasons, however, that allow these mowers to cut your grass as quickly as possible?

  • They can mow very close to fences and obstacles. There is no need to go over the edges with a weed whacker once they have finished, which will save you plenty of time in the grand scheme of things.
  • They are steered using levers rather than a steering wheel. Whilst this will feel a little awkward at first, you will quickly realize that this is a very efficient way to control the machine. The levers are actually easier to control.
  • They are hand operated, which helps to reduce fatigue. Those who have a large property to mow or who experience problems when using their feet a lot won't need to stop and have a rest, as everything can be achieved using their hands.
  • They are often shorter than ride on mowers. This means that they provide the operator with better maneuverability and are much easier to transport. This is ideal for professionals who need to take the machine with them.
  • They are much more commonly manufactured. This means that there are plenty on the market to choose between and that there are plenty of accessories and features to choose from. Users give the bigger brands glowing reviews.
  • They are available in a range of cutting deck sizes. For homeowners, a 36 to 50 inch deck is usually adequate, but professionals will often need a much larger 50 to 70 inch one. A larger residential property, however, may require a larger deck.

If you have been looking for a way that you can quickly and efficiently mow your lawn, you should consider investing in a zero turn ride on mower. Not only will these machines make your life easier, but you get the chore of cutting the grass over much sooner. As you can see from all the advantages outlined above, these mowers can help you cut down mowing time. Making the change over is something that you cannot afford to put off.

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