7 Lovely Plants For Your Shady Garden

We used to hear that each plant needs light and water to grow healthy and in full bloom. But many people do not have gardens filled with sunlight all day. I suggest a few flowers and shrubs that can be planted in shady areas, so you can still enjoy the greenery all year round.

1. Foxglove


This plant grows in well draining and rich soil. Foxglove is a short lived perennial. It spends its first year growing and the second year flowering, after that it dies. The plant is also grown for production and distillation of the heart medication-Digitalis. But keep away your kids and pets from the Foxglove, because all its parts are poisonous.

2. Primrose


These plants can be really easy to grow when you provide them moist soil and shade. They come in every colour of the rainbow (from pink, lilac to red), its size is from little 4 inch to 3 foot giants, depends from the sort. There are more than 400 species of Primrose, so you can choose the one you think is more suitable for your garden. Make a watering regime (once a week is absolutely enough), put it somewhere where the sunlight is indirect and you will have blooming and growing plant.

3. Japanese Forest Grass

Japanese Forest Grass

This plant is semi-evergreen and lives best in shaded location. There are different colours Japanese Forest Grass, the most popular type is Golden Forest Grass, which prefers full shade. The plant is not invasive, attractive, graceful and grow slowly. It is perfect if you are a beginner in gardening, because it is easy for maintenance. It gets 18 to 24 inches tall and when is grown enough its blades touch the earth gently.

4. Lungwort


Lungwort is an attractive and strong resilient plant. It grows best in shady and moist places. The sun will make it sickly and wilt, so you can be brave and put it somewhere without direct sunlight. The plant can live in really dry locations when the shade is provided. Good idea to plant the Lungwort is under trees where other plants have problems to grow because of the competing with the roots for water.

5. Toad Lily

Toad Lily

Toad Lily is attractive in shady landscapes and blooms in different spotted colours. Its flowers can be bell or star shaped, depending of the variety you choose to plant. This is one really easy to care plant, all you need to do before you plant it is to select the right location. This move will save you worries and problems with the Toad Lily. It grows taller and healthier in soils that are frequently moist. Big part of the varieties bloom in fall.



It is brought to the Europe in 18th century from the Orient and now, there are more than 2500 types hostas, depending on the size, leaf shape and texture. The plant is shade lover, it can live in almost every sort of soil and it can live for years. You have to know that hostas are preferred by deer and if you have that kind of problems in your neighborhood you can plant daffodils around them to avoid the animal invasion. Other issue is that they are favourite to slugs, which leave holes in their leaves. Pest control is unpleasant and annoying for everyone who is enchanted by the gardening.


Called also Christmas rose this is one of the earliest bloomers that grows in shade. Its colours can be cream, pink, burgundy, white or green. Once you establish it the care is minimal. Hellebore is evergreen and the good new is that is disliked by deer, pests and insects. Like Foxglove all its parts are toxic, so take care of your children and pets when they are around the plant.


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