5 Ways to Improve your Business’s Outdoor Space

Gardening should not just be for the home.

Not everyone is a born gardener, and that is merely fine. Some of us do not know one end of a spade from the other – and that is only fine, too. But gardening ignorance is no excuse for letting down your business. You might not have the resources of a professional commercial landscaping company, but you can still try.

If your business’s outdoor space looks grubby or unkempt, clients will not come inside. It stands to reason and operates along with the same principles of social proof marketing. If clients see a broken pathway and a staircase with no handrail, they will likely turn to your competitors instead.

Do not panic! We have five ways you can stop the stigma and turn it around.

The 5 Best Ways to Clean Up your Business’s Outdoor Area

Short of hiring a professional commercial landscaping company, try the following DIY gardening improvements on your business’s outdoor areas.

1 – A Lick of Paint

Repainting window sills, around door frames, and even the outer face of your commercial building could see years of new life added to a dull property. It might be just what you need to stand out from a row of dull properties, thereby giving you a competitive edge… That is right; your garden/outer building is an excellent method of free advertising.

2 – Add some Shrubbery

You do not have to add a masterpiece as a commercial landscaping company might, but you should add a few plants here and there. One on either side of the front door is both elegant and inviting, but you can also place houseplants in the windows too.

3 – Extend your Space

If you do not have outdoor space for your business, why not create some? Adding window boxes is a great way to add some classic, elegant plants to a building that might otherwise blend into the background.

4 – Think about Fruit

Fruit trees are a double blessing. They provide you with beautiful blossoms, are gorgeous in winter even if their branches are bare, and bring fruit in spring. Unless your business is by a busy main road, they offer an idyllic alternative to the world of annual plants. They do not need a gardener and will grow whether you tend to them or not.

If you want your trees to take even less maintenance, plant them in large pots instead of putting them straight into the ground. This will stop them from growing too large and will avoid roots growing into any pipework below ground.

5 – Consider a Rockery

Do you not have any spare time whatsoever to spend on the outside area around your business building? If so, then it sounds like you need a no-maintenance solution. First, hire a commercial landscaping company; second, instruct them to create a rockery that takes zero maintenance and looks attractive to new clients.

Once constructed, your new rockery will last until you decide to change it. Your only concern with this business landscaping idea is finding rocks big enough that rival businesses will not be able to steal them!

Rounding Up

Using our handy top tips for making your business front look better, you should avoid the costs of hiring a commercial landscaping company. Do not forget to call in the big guns if it all goes wrong, though. Gardening is not for everyone. Some of us are better suited to pushing pens than wheelbarrows.

If you have any questions, please ask below!