Your Guide To Finding Good Playschools In India

It’s that time of the year again when parents of the first-time preschoolers are wondering to enroll their kids into playschools. Parenthood is a beautiful phrase, but along with a lot of happiness, comes a lot of responsibilities. Every parent wants a safe and secure future for their kids.

There was a time when playschools were not a big deal. Sharma aunty’s garden area with a few colorful swings was enough of a play school. But since past few years, the position of a play school has become quite critical.

But how would you know that which is the best playschool for your kid or which school franchise can help you gain profits? Well, to help the parents in choosing the right playschool in India for your ‘tiny-tots,’ we have gathered some pointers that one must consider:

1) Talk to other parents

An excellent way to start researching is by talking to parents and your neighbors about the pre-schools in your area. Talk to those parents who are already sending their wards to a preschool as they will be able to give you a less decorated picture of the school. Do not stop on one viewpoint, talk to more than one or two parents, to have an average and calculated opinion about the school.

2) What is the methodology of the school?

Different schools follow different educational philosophy. For example, some playschools follow ‘playway’ philosophy while others follow ‘learning by doing’ philosophy. No matter how impressive the school’s label looks like, one has to ask the school to spell out their specific philosophy and should also understand how they are putting it to use.

3) Check the security and safety measures

The most important factor to be 100% sure about is the safety and security system of the school. With all the unfortunate incidents taking place these days, it becomes almost a priority to check if the security system is in place. Safety is to be taken care of not only inside the school but also outside it, in the transport system. Make sure there are guards on the gate to check upon everyone or anyone entering the campus.

4) Cleanliness

Young children are more prone to infections than the elder ones. Once young kids come out of the safe and clean environment of their house, they are exposed to outside world which is a host of germs. The school should follow a basic idea of hygiene and cleanliness in premises and maintain it as well.

5) Behaviour of teachers and caretakers

At this tender age, young children will need a good deal of supervision and help for their underlying day-to-day needs. A school with poor child-teacher ratio will have an overworked and disgruntled staff. This will affect the personalized attention each child is going to get and will further deteriorate the teaching quality. If a child gets a good amount of attention from their teachers, they will feel more confident, and their mind will grow at a faster pace.

6) Location and duration

Location of the school should be equally safe and secure. It should not be in a deserted area and should be within your access. Too much travel time for the kid can be tiring, and he might get cranky and hungry by the time he reaches home.

It is essential for the working parents to know about the working hours of the school so that they can adjust their work time accordingly and look at the pick and drop facility of the kid.

7) Pay a visit

Once you are satisfied with all the points mentioned above and have done thorough research about the schools, you should visit the school and observe the working process. The staff must be caring, qualified and encouraging for the kids. From a good balance between the teacher-student ratio to the behavior of the caretakers, a parent should be 100% satisfied with the work ethics and environment of the school.

A school which makes the little one realize about their potential in a self-paced manner is the right choice for a bright future for your kid. Amongst the many benefits of a playschool, one major advantage of sending your kid to a play school is the minimization of separation anxiety displayed by children.

Playschools prepare the children to move to a more formal setting, i.e., elementary schools. Kidzee, a play school in India envisions today’s children as leaders of tomorrow. If you want your kid to be one of the leaders, then you can have a look at Kidzee’s website and know more about their curriculum.

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  1. Thanks to your guide, we were able to find the perfect playschool for our child, one that aligns with our values and educational goals. Your guide not only saved us time and effort but also gave us peace of mind knowing that we are making the best choice for our child’s future.

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