Why the quality of time spent with your child matters

Why-its-important-to-spend-quality-family-time-together-780x520Studies say that quality trumps quantity when it comes to spending time with your child and /or children. In this article, we will be explaining the reasons why quality is more important than quantity when it comes to children, and how to spend the right kind of time with your children.

Perform daily activities with your child

“Quality time” doesn’t mean that the ideal kind of time that you can spend with your child is your free time while playing with them. This is a wrong and sometimes a harmful perception. Free time is a great bonus, but that’s all. The best kind of time that you can spend with your children – if you are occupied – is the time that you spend performing routine daily activities. They are boring because they are repeated every day, but this actually is the time when you get to know your children and create a stronger bond and connection with them. Your children do not need a parent who is always fun and ready for exciting activities. They need to see that you are the one who is there for them when things get tough.

Build a stronger bond with your child

I personally know many parents who don’t spend quality time with their children especially during the week. I noticed that those who spend their time doing routine activities with children have a much closer relationship with them than those who only do the fun things with their kids and let all the other obligations be handled by the other parent or a nanny. I am not saying that you should never play with your child. You should do that too whenever you have time, but remember that this is free time, not a quality time and it is a bonus. Ensure that every routine you make is more exciting every day and you will be a much better parent.

We all know that the daily rhythm of the average parent is more than dynamic. So many parents have long working hours and are often forced to work multiple jobs. They just don’t have enough free time to spend with their children. But parents are not the only ones who are busy with obligations. Children have a handful of obligations as well – sports, school, kindergarten…

The modern way of living does not leave us much free time and we can hardly make that change. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the relationship you have with your children and the way you spend the time you have with them. Parents often think that quality time spent with children is only when parents are completely dedicated to every step the child takes and they adjust their obligations to fully meet their specific needs. Yes, children always come first and their happiness is all that matters, but that is not the best way to be a responsible parent. Some parents think that if they find time to sit on the floor and play a game with their child, the mission will be accomplished. Sadly, they are mistaken. That is not quality time spent with your child. In these situations, parents are doing their best to entertain the child. Lots of parents buy a variety of toys, clothing, and gadgets in order to make their children feel happy. While this is good on the weekends or in situations where you want to reward the child. Is that how you should really spend time all of your time with your child?

You must include your child in everyday tasks and activities. Every child needs a parent, not an entertainer. Life is mostly filled with simple and not so interesting but necessary activities. Such as preparing a meal, ironing, cleaning… Why don’t you include your child in these activities? Including the child in daily activities will have a positive effect on their behavior. That is a great way to spend more time together, communicate and build a stronger relationship. The child will feel confident because by including him/ her in daily activities it means that you value and appreciate them.

Make sure that the time and energy you devote thinking about how to entertain your child while you perform daily activities is converted into coming up with ways to include them in those activities. When it comes to age, it should be noted that the level of involvement is different but it is possible and always needed. It is not the same when you remain silent while you change your child’s clothes and when you are smiling and talking about something. You can start by asking your child to help you set up the table for lunch or dinner, or prepare soup.

Remember: Teach your child to find happiness in the things that your family has to offer. Build a good relationship and teach your child how to become a good person.

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