Why Parental Controls Are Becoming Necessary For Parents?

kids-and-the-internet-dangersThis is a digital age. Our kids get along with the digital media very well. Reason being their early exposure to smartphones and tablets. Kids start watching kids’ channels on tablets and get smartphones at 10. Before entering teenage they are well versed with the internet.

Once they get a phone or tablet, the world of the internet has endless doors to explore. Social media, games, selfie mania and chat groups-kids try everything. They are adventurous and like to do anything that is trending. Seldom do they think about the consequences. Among the attractions of the internet era, there are several troubles as well.

A number of things can go wrong such as:

  • Meeting strangers online. These strangers lure kids into sharing personal information and then kidnap or harass them.
  • Getting across adult content. One wrong click, sidebar suggestions or right keywords can expose them to pornography.
  • They can get addicted to games and may fail to concentrate on their studies and other tasks.
  • Cyber bullying through social media and text messages.
  • Screen addiction.
  • Physical health issues like obesity, eye damage and posture pains due to lack of physical activity.
  • Mental health issues like depression, difficulty focusing and social isolation due to excessive screen time.

Parents are aware of the problems. They talk to their kids, make rules about device use and content. Most parents prefer to keep a check on their online activities. They check their browser history and texts and even take their smartphones away as punishment. But this is not a very feasible way of doing it as teenagers are privacy conscious and they can also lash out. Parental control apps, however, provide a more sophisticated way to do all this and more.

Why digital means?

Using an app to do all the parenting work is easier. Parental controls such as FamilyTime parental controls allow parents to keep a check on their kids and manage them as well. Instead of finding different ways to check their phones and enforce the rules you can get an app to do it for you.

Here is what you can do:


You can see their calls, texts, contacts and internet history without taking their phone. You get digital access to their devices and can constantly monitor from them.


You can block the unsafe apps which encourage kids for sexting and talking to strangers or social media apps which make them susceptible to over sharing and cyber crime.


You can manage their screen time by putting locks on their phones. Their devices get digitally locked and you don’t have to physically take them away.

Getting notified

You can stay up-to-date about their whereabouts and get check-in/checkout alerts through geofencing places like their school, home, gym etc.

Fight digitally!

The dangers of the digital world, fast-growing media and easy access to everything is the reason parents should use parental control apps. They need to match with the fast world and swiftly come up with solutions to protect their kids online. The digital monsters need to be fought with digital weapons i.e. parental controls.

One Comment

  1. I use a parental control app as well. I noticed that my kid became addicted to his phone. He spent all his free time playing games. It was difficult for me to take a away the device. I understand that this is mainly my fault, I pampered him to much.. After I started using Kidslox (, things changed. Not at once, definitely. We also talked many times about his screen time limit. Hard talks… Now he is more patient and knows that if the device is locked then it is high time to spend time with the family)

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