What Do You Know About The Family Pact Eligibility Criteria?

Family pact is an important program that is controlled and administered in the state of California. It is designed for some specific group of people to avail of family planning services. The program is intended to help couples in preventing unwanted pregnancies. It is also aimed to provide healthcare facilities to couples for improving and maintaining reproductive health. So, there are several services available through this program. But not everyone can enroll in a family pact since it has some qualifying conditions. So, here is the family pact eligibility criteria to be perceived before you plan to become a part of it.

Location of residence

It is important to make clear that this program is only accessible to the residents of California. So, you should keep in mind your geographical location before applying for this program. Simply put, if you are living outside California, you are not eligible.

Medical needs

This program is only intended to serve you with family planning needs. Therefore, if you want to register for it, you must be able to get pregnant. You cannot enroll in this program until you give birth to the child. However, your provider can check with related services for pregnant women. If you want healthcare services other than family planning then you must be covered with health insurance. Well, a family pact can serve you with free screening for cervical cancer and breast examination if you are eligible.

Income requirements

Income is the crucial segment that is covered under this program. So, when it comes to becoming a family pact beneficiary, your income will be considered. As per the family pact eligibility, your income must be below 200 percent of the federal poverty guidelines. However, you might be confused about determining if you are a low-income earner as per federal guidelines. So, you can check the instructions online to make the task easier. You can talk to a service provider in case you are not finding the right way to fulfill this condition.

Health coverage plan

In order to become a qualified person for the family pact, you must fulfill this condition. You must not have a healthcare plan that is covering family planning needs. However, there are some guidelines in this regard that you must check. You will be given client eligibility enrollment guidelines to understand the conditions thoroughly. You can still enroll in this program if:

  • Your medical coverage is not providing any contraceptive method to control the pregnancy
  • If you are a student and have no plan for contraceptive methods and seeking birth control services
  • If your medical insurance has limited accessibility to family planning services.

How to apply for the family pact?

Once you met all the family pact eligibility requirements, you can move further to apply for it. You can consult with a service provider and can fill out a simple CEC form. With this form, you can enroll in the program for availing yourself of the designated services free of charge.

Explore benefits of the family pact program

  • Family pact eligibility will endorse you to avail of its benefits without any flaw. This is a good program that works to provide you with a plethora of benefits such as:
  • Free access to birth control techniques such as vaginal rings, condoms, pregnancy reversible pills, and more. You can avail yourself these services for free of cost
  • You can also get the required education and counseling on family planning for free. It helps you to know how to keep healthy pregnancy, the distance between children, and more
  • You can also get a free-of-charge examination for vital women’s health. You can visit the service provider for a breast examination and pap smear
  • The family pact program also covers free medical assistance for diagnosing and treating sexually transmitted diseases. Both males and females can get this service
  • The program also intended to provide free HIV testing to the beneficiaries. It is intended to spread education on the prevention of HIV by describing safe sex methods.

To sum up

Family pact is a focused program to help low-income earners with family planning services. So, you must know the family pact eligibility requirements to become a family pact client. The criteria are straightforwardly mentioned in the above post. So, you must go through it and act accordingly. You can visit an urgent care clinic for any support regarding this program.

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