Top Tips for Organizing a Family Reunion [Infographic]

regwretFamily reunions are fantastic, especially now that it’s so common for families to live all over the country that they rarely get chance to spend time all together in one place. However, if you’ve got a large family, it can be challenging getting everyone together and keeping them all happy. Here are some top tips to help you.


When hosting any large gathering it’s important to consider the location very carefully. Both in terms of where it is, and what facilities you need. Try to find a middle ground, so everyone has to travel the same distance and no one is left out. When it comes to facilities, it’s a good idea to find somewhere you can eat and drink, host activities and stay for a few days. Camp sites or retreats, such as this Christian retreat center make great options.

Keep it Cheap

When planning an event for a large group, it’s important to consider everyone’s circumstances. While some members of your party will have the money to travel, stay in luxury accommodation and take part in unlimited activities, others won’t. Keep that in mind in all stages of the planning or you may end up alienating and upsetting some members of the family.


With people needing to save up, book time off work, arrange travel, get house sitters and make other arrangements, it’s a good idea to give everyone as much notice as possible. You may even want to set a date and start planning a year in advance.

Stick to a Date

Setting a date can be difficult. There will be other events, birthdays and holidays to avoid. Some members will have plans or preferences, and if you listen to everyone, you will never find the right time. The best thing to do is pick a date, give everyone a year’s notice and then stick to it.

Create an Online Group

An online group, such as a Facebook event page or a WhatsApp chat group is the easiest way to share information with everyone coming to your reunion. Be sure to send regular updates and let everyone know how the arrangements are going.

Arrange Activities

It’s a good idea to allow a few days, perhaps a long weekend for your reunion, especially if people are traveling long distances. While it’s likely that people will spend the first day chatting and catching up, after that you may want to plan some activities. When doing this, try to think of simple games such as softball or soccer which all ages can enjoy together.

Food and Drink

When it comes to food and drink, you may want to stick to simple things such as BBQs and picnics, so everyone can bring their own and share. This way you don’t have to worry too much about dietary requirements and differing tastes.

Don’t Over Plan

If you want your reunion to run smoothly, you need to plan. But, you also need to be relaxed and flexible. Don’t try to fill everyone’s days with activities and structure. Remember, this is a time for everyone to relax, unwind and get to know each other again. So, leave room for some spontaneity.


Family reunions are amazing. Once you’ve found a location you love and had a great time, you’ll probably find it’s something you do every few years. If this is the case, try to share out the organization duties and have the occasional year off yourself!

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