Tips on Getting the Most of Your Family Photo Shoot Experience

family photo shootThe world that we live in is modern and we all belong to… modern families. Work commitment or other situations might make you stay miles apart, or you don't get the chance to sit and dine together. Hence whenever you meet, you might want to capture all the laughter, smiles and happiness- and this is where family photographs can do wonders. So make sure that whenever you meet together, be at a party or anywhere, get a family photo shoot done. Here are some suggestions to help you get some one-of-a-kind family photographs that you would like to treasure forever.

#1: Don't be shy to express relationships

Show your closeness and emotion towards your family by means of following portraits. Get one and all and give each other a tight hug. Also, to show generational differences, you can ask your grandmother to stand by her daughter, which will be followed by you. Let the age differences show. Such images come best when shot with faster shutter speeds and natural light. Candid shots are best. For example, click the camera when you see the subjects smiling widely, instead of asking them to hold smiles. The latter would give an unnatural appearance.

#2: Be careful of what you wear

It is a good idea to shoot family portraits when you are attending an occasion. You can consider requesting your members of family to wear clothes of identical shades or same types of dresses to bring a very interesting effect to your photographs. . However, in case you wish to bring a more varied effect to your photographs, then your people might want to choose from an ensemble of shades. Whatever you choose, it is not a good idea to done a look of reds, which might be way too imposing for a Family portrait. But when it comes to give a casual look and feel to your photos, it is okay to experiment and mix-match with different shades.

#3: Use the complete frame

Want to convey your emotions? Try close-up shots. For example, consider two people who share a close relationship, such as a man and wife, a parent and child, or siblings. Get two of them come close to each other and talk. Next, employ a standard or macro lens to crop closely. Wait for some moment until the duo share a light moment- capture the smile or their look instantaneously. A flash will work good to freeze the special moment. Also, a depth of field, which is shallow, will help keep the backdrop blurred.

#4: Use the right angles

You might want to experiment with a few angles to create interesting-to-look-at photographs. For example, you can get on the floor to look up. Your subjects should stand over you. Use your flash to light up the faces against cloudless sky. Of course, you would not like to have their noses photographed so ask them to tip down their heads.

#5: Capture funny moments

Never mind cracking some jokes to make your people shake of their camera-shyness. Otherwise, you might ask them to do something that they will not do normally. Try asking them to jump, run, make a human pyramid (if you are shooting with kids) or ask them to do whatever comes in their mind. However, to create genuinely fun moments, nothing can perhaps work better than a photo booth.

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  1. Levi Armstrong

    My wife and I are planning to hire a portrait photography service for our family picture. We recently welcomed our bundle of joy thee months ago, and we’d like to capture her innocence on camera. I like your tip about letting the photographer capture candid, genuinely funny moments on camera. I think both my wife and I would love to have photos that capture our genuine smile and emotions. Thanks for this tip!

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