Tips for Decorating Your Newborn’s Room

fegtgwdwfIf you are expecting a new member to your family, it is likely you have thought about preparing their room. With so much to do and think about, this list of tips should help you out with this particular task, because it is important to remain as stress-free as possible.

Painting and Decorating

One of the first things to do, is prepare the room for everything else. This could include painting or wallpapering the walls, new flooring if you want to completely refresh the room, and maybe even new light fixtures. When painting the room, something you should consider is using child-safe paints. Standard commercial paints contain harmful chemicals, so alternative paint companies are a great option for paint that is better for health and even the environment. If you use wallpaper, make sure it is easy to wipe down in case of any ‘accidents’. Your flooring will also be a hot spot for spills and stains, so pick a forgiving color, or an easy to clean surface.

Color Choice

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to colors and styles. As much as the society still insists on assigning different colors to different genders, your baby will not be paying much attention to the color of the room. In fact, it is probably you who will be noticing the design choices you make in your newborns’ room. Your best option is to consider the affect that colors have on mood and sleep. You want the bedroom to be a calming space that will promote positivity and ensure your baby can sleep well. Color psychology studies have shown that color does affect our sleep. This guide has a good summary of the best and worst colors for your newborn’s room. Spoiler alert: Green is found to be the best choice – “it combines the cheerful ‘sunniness’ of yellow and the calming effect of blue – Green evokes peaceful feelings of relaxation while maintaining a feeling of warmth and coziness. Because green has been shown to relieve stress and promote feelings of peace, it’s a great choice for your baby’s nursery.”


If you are planning on keeping the room through your child’s development, the room should offer furniture that will take them through each stage, without needing to be replaced. Consider storage that can be multi-purpose and cribs that can become toddler beds for when they grow bigger. A changing station is incredibly useful and should include all of the essentials like diapers, wipes, clean changing mats, a laundry hamper and a bin for those diapers. Having everything you will need in an easy-to-reach place will make the whole process much easier. You will probably be spending a great deal of time in your newborn’s nursery, so invest in a very comfy chair! Preferably one that has a washable cover or is easy to clean.


Nap-time will be a big part of your routine, so something useful to remember when choosing your curtains or blinds, is that going for the blackout option means you can make it ‘night-time’ at any time of the day. This will make settling them down for a nap easier. You can also switch out any bulbs for night-light bulbs from the hardware store, a useful tip to create the right bedtime lighting and ambiance. Don’t be afraid to add art to the room, as your infant gets older, they will be happy to have great décor in their room. A nice touch can also come from mementos from close friends and family and will hold lots of special memories and sentimental value. They can also hold good stories to tell your kids when they’ve grown up more.

Finally, have fun with it! You may want to choose a specific theme, or just invest you and your partner’s interests into the room. Whatever you decide to do, it is probably you who will appreciate the room the most, so decorate it however you like. If you are still stuck for ideas, Pinterest is always a great source of inspiration.

If you have any questions, please ask below!