Things You Understand once You Become a Proud Parent

will-kate-parentsThe love of the parents is eternal, perennial, and unrestrained. There are many things that as a child you hate about your parents but you get to understand them only when you grow up and become a parent yourself. As now you understand them in a better way, you have become better friends and therefore parent’s day gifts are important for you to buy for celebrating this occasion.

Here are those things which you hated about your parents but have huge respect for them as you understood the logic.

  1. You just hated the fact that why your parents are strategically so prudent or economical. You must have wasted an INR. 3 or INR 4 over a shampoo sachet and threw them using half of it and shouted on parents on being questioned for wasting. But now when you earn you hardy use INR 3 or INR 4 over a sachet but happily use an INR 1 on it. Because now you understand that every penny of hard earning is important.
  1. In all get together when you misbehaved and your parents corrected you or scolded you, it left you feel insulted – right? But now when you come across ill-mannered people in parties who interrupt in between conversation, or sneeze loudly, you value the teachings of your parents. Get a lovey recliner as a gift for parent’s day.
  1. The punishments that you received from your parent’s after the PTA in school left you shattered. And now when you have to sit in front of your kid’s class teacher and listen to the baggage of complaints, you must be saying in mind – History repeats itself. It’s really disgusting and insulting to listen to our child’s activities.
  1. You must have hated them when they had to “crash your dreams” like not getting you to Disney Land or changing your school for change in residence. Those were the learning stages of life and no one can force you to “be realistic”. That’s why they never made fun of your dreams of becoming a movie star but always scolded you to study hard so that you always have a backup career plan. And now you also run after your kid with the same idea.

Therefore, thank your parents a lot for making you who you really are today. And as a parent’s day gift idea, you can get them a ticket to some exotic location so that they can have some unforgettable memories with each other.


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