Things to Avoid with Diaper Bags

fregtegwOne side of the coin is all about diaper bags and what to go for. They are great because they make life substantially easy for a parent with a newborn when he or she is outside the house. When a new parent first hears about diaper bags, they first assume that it’s just a bag for holding clean and dirty diapers. However, no sooner do they start using them than they realize that they are actually versatile. There’s more to them than just carrying diapers around. Due to this quality of diaper bags, the other side of the coin is about knowing what to avoid when you are shopping for one and when you are using one. Let’s explore this second side.


Most parents make taking care of their babies unnecessarily difficult. In fact, if you’ve learned about taking care of babies from television, you’re likely to get a very wrong impression of the task of taking care of babies. TV makes taking care of babies seem impossible. You’ll be fed information like you’ll never sleep, you’ll never shower, your house will be a mess, you’ll lose your sense of fashion, and whatever. Yes, there are parents who end up like this, and the real issue here is not the baby, but their disorganization. Please don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying that taking care of a baby is a piece of cake. What I’m saying is that it doesn’t have to be the hell some parents make it be.

Now, about the diaper bag, chances are that you’ll get something spacious, and that can accommodate most of the things both you and your baby need. But don’t overdo it. Carrying a baby for a minute or two is easy, but carrying a baby for 30 minutes to an hour nonstop is not. Your arm is likely to get weary. And that’s just one weight. Chances are that the diaper bag you’ll bring with you whenever you’re outside will be heavier than your baby. If the baby alone can be tough, how about two of them? So, to save yourself unnecessary back strains and discomfort, only pack what is really needed for the day’s event, or at least for the time you’ll be outside. Just carry the essentials; your baby’s pacifier or anything that gives him or her the kind of comfort that makes them contented without you for a while is a necessity. Just a hint.

Low Quality

Often, you’ll be carrying a lot of stuff in your diaper bag, including loaded diapers. You’re also likely to be carrying some snacks, breast milk, and alternative organic consumables or wastes. It’s only natural that eventually some of these organic materials will get to your diaper bag. If it’s of low quality, it’ll stain, rust, corrode, or tear. If you have a habit of carrying too much stuff, it’ll only be a matter of time before the cheap zipper, magnet, or Velcro used on your bag fails and all the contents of your diaper bag will fall out – hopefully, you won’t be somewhere embarrassing. Go for something with high quality material that will last for as long as you need it. Polyester and alternative microfiber fabrics are the best. They are both durable and easy to clean.


You are not trying to show anyone how much money you’ve got, and you are certainly not trying to impress the neighbors. Don’t buy something that will strain your pockets for no reason. If you feel that’s what you want and you can afford it, it’s ok, it’s fine. If you feel you want the best for your baby, cool. But remember, you will only use the diaper bag for a couple of years. After that, then what? Invest in a diaper bag that will do the job and also leave you with enough money to have the peace to genuinely smile at your lovely newborn. If it makes you resent your child in any way, manner or form, or if you’re left struggling in any way, manner, or form – just be sure first of all before you throw away money that could have helped you handle that thing that could be troubling you.


Sure, the best designs are those that are both beautiful and functional. However, the “bestest” design is the one that’s functional. I mean, look at our insides, the various systems in the human body are not necessarily aesthetically pleasing. Just looking at the intestines alone makes most people nauseous. But these nauseous causing systems are what enable us to enjoy life as we know it. And I’m sure you’d rather have those funny looking guts inside you than be without them. Don’t go for a diaper bag that looks awesome but doesn’t have all the features you’d prefer in one. If there’s another that’s not so good looking but has all the features you want, that’s your bag. When your friends are struggling with the aesthetic one because it can’t handle a thing or two, you’ll be comfortable and at ease because you chose functionality and usefulness over a sense of style and fashion.

Finally, chose something that fits your lifestyle and your sense of style. You are an individual, and you have your own way of doing things. So go for something that matches that. You have your own mind, so you don’t have to purchase something that inconveniences you just because that’s what parents today are buying, or because some celebrity said so. You are the star of your baby, and you are the celebrity to your child. Ensure that he or she grows up to look no further as far as a role model, star, or celebrity are concerned.

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