There’s Nothing Wrong with Saying No to Your Kids During a Trip

There are parents who believe in the notion that you shouldn’t say no to your children. They grow up believing that they’re not worth anything if you keep saying no to them. They will also be afraid of being assertive since they think that they’re incorrect.

Although it makes sense to avoid saying no with that logic, it could also have a different repercussion. Children who get used to always getting what they want become spoiled. They do whatever they want, and don’t consider any consequences of their actions.

As a parent, you might humiliate yourself in front of others if your child is having tantrums, and you can’t say no. It also shows that you barely have any control over your child’s behaviour. Therefore, if you can, you need to learn how to say no. It’s true, especially if you’re on a trip, and other people can see you.

They can’t always have things their way

It’s important for you to let your kids know that they can’t always have things their way. You will say no when you think it’s appropriate. They have to follow your instructions and still respect you as the parent. You need to establish that rule because your child might grow up being disobedient. It doesn’t mean you won’t give them what they want or show them that you love them. You can still make them feel loved even if you put limits on what they can have.

Set rules

It’s also crucial to have rules. When travelling, you need to tell your kids to sleep on time, just like when at home. You also need to have rules on what to eat and where to go. Find a way to avoid tantrums in public by letting them know there will be a consequence for doing so. If you decide to stay in large houses to rent for weekends, you have to tell your kids it’s not your home. It feels like home, but you will only stay there for the night. Therefore, behaving well and not damaging things is very important.

Give them money to buy what they want

You have to teach your child the value of money. When you travel, it’s easy for kids to pinpoint anything they want to buy. Make sure that you don’t let it happen. Instead of telling them no or stopping them when they want something, you can give them money. Tell them they can do whatever they want with the amount, but you won’t give them any more when it’s gone. It forces your kids to be smart about making decisions and not buy the first thing they find.

If you love your kids, you won’t hesitate to say no. You know that they can’t get what they want from you since that’s how it is in real life. It’s not easy to raise kids, but with the right rules and proper discipline, you can help them learn the right values.

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