Teach Your Son How to Shave

If you're a father and have sons, then there is one important lesson you will eventually have to pass down: how to properly shave. Believe it or not, there is a lot of information that goes into shaving, including finding the right tools, proper etiquette, demonstrating, and more. Follow these tips on how to show your son or sons how to shave for the first time, and you will have given them a lesson for a lifetime!

Teach your son how to shave

The Starting Point

Everyone is different; therefore, you and your son will have to determine the best time to start shaving. This could be around 11 or 12, or even later, around 14 or so. Do what's best for your son and his needs, don't worry about when other kids are starting the process of shaving, and try to let your kids now that this is not something they should be worrying about; we're all different.

Instead of just buying the supplies your son will need, take him shopping with you. Eventually, he will buy his own products i.e. razor, blade, creams and gels, etc. Take your son to the store, show him the different brands and choices, and then show him what to buy. When it comes to buying these products, it's almost like an art form; you have to know what to choose and why i.e. the art of shaving brush can be more difficult than what you think.

Begin by exploring the different product, why some materials work better than other, and then show him what you use. You may decide to purchase your son the same product as you, or you may go with something else and better for beginners, depending on his skin type. The biggest question you'll face is whether to start with an electric razor or a regular razor. Again, choose what's best for your son's needs. Some say electric razors don't irritate the skin as much as regular safety razors, but in the beginning both can be pretty difficult to get used to.


Once you have all of the supplies you'll need to begin, go home and show your son how to shave versus telling him i.e. you should shave, too. The two of you can shave together for the first time. Or, you can let him watch you shave, and then he can have his turn.

It's important to show your son the step-by-step process. Of course, this means you'll start with the shaving cream, foam, or whatever type of pre-lotion you decided to purchase.

Next, it's best to show your son how to properly hold a razor (in his dominant hand), and let him get a real feeling for the tool. Don't just show your son how to hold the razor, but explain the importance of shaving with the hair growth or against it, whichever you find best works. He may ask questions, so be prepared to have answers.

Lastly, you'll want to explain to your son the important of keeping all of his shaving tools neat and clean. Since he was with you when the materials were purchased, he should know how expensive shaving items could be; he will respect them more. Tell your son how keeping his shaving items clean will also assist him with having a safer and proper shave the next time he needs to remove hair.

One of the biggest things you will ever teach your son is how to shave. Because this is an important process, remember to take your time and be thorough. Above all else, let you son know that you are there for him and are willing to help him in any way during the learning period of this new task.

If you have any questions, please ask below!