Steps to Make Your Baby Sleep Fast

sleeping-babyThere are a lot of books for first-time mothers telling you how to get your new-born baby to sleep. But being a mom for the first time is tough and makes you left tired, with no time to read too long books in order to learn how to do everything right. No matter what, the art of settling your baby up with the right sleeping routine is essential and the right ritual can among other things develop healthier sleep patterns later and therefore also a healthier life for your child.

If you want to know how to get your baby to sleep with advices you actually have the time to read, use this 3-step methods. The method is inspired by Johnson's baby's sleep routine guide, as it is the only one clinically proven to help babies sleep better right away.

1. Bath time

The first thing you need to do in the process of getting your baby to sleep is to give her a bath. Bath time is a true sleeping inducer and an enjoyable and relaxing experience for your baby. Giving your baby a bath before bedtime is also an easy way of preparing her for a good night sleep as it will make her feel relaxed and calm. The warm water and the feeling of being safe and loved will put her in the sleepy mode.

2. Massage

The second step in your routine is to give your baby a massage. After a warm bath there's nothing like a massage, which also will extend your baby's feeling of being secure, loved and ready for sleep. Massage can furthermore help you recognize and respond to your baby's body language so that you can strengthen the bonds between you. Research has also shown that there is important health benefits connected with baby massage, which only makes it a greater reason to do massage for just a short time every day before putting your baby to sleep.

3. Singing songs

Now your baby has been bathed and got a relaxing massage, it's time to settle down by reading aloud a little story or singing a song. Even though your baby won't understand your words, she will enjoy just listening to your voice. As to that, you should remember to keep your voice soft and nice and use it in a different than you're used to.

Lullabies are a very nice way to send the little ones off to sleep, where these songs are perfect for the quiet time stage of the 3-step bedtime routine: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Lullaby Goodnight, All the Pretty Horses, Rock a Bye Baby, and Hush Little Baby.

4. Off to sleep

Make sure to keep the atmosphere calm and cosy and avoid any active play when you say your goodbyes to your baby. Before putting her to bed, take a walk with her around her room to say goodbye to all her favourite animals and toys that she have played with all day. She will definitely have at least one favorite teddy bear that you can bring to her bed to make her feel even more comfortable saying goodnight to you. Then, give her one last hug and kiss and put her down to her crib. Be sure to do the same routine every night and say the last same words. Soon your way of saying the last goodbye will become a signal to your baby of this being the end of the day and start of a trip into wonderland.

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