Shopping for a Big Baby

egwteryeMost books, doctors and online resources speak about the average baby in terms of their physical attributes and development. Any light research, however, will produce copious amounts of data and information to validate this neutral discussion range.

With the advent of big data, retailers have used this trend to ensure the maximum amounts of product are available for that average baby. What tends to happen when your baby is either a little or a lot bigger than the average baby is a limitation of choices. On the off chance that a retailer has something for the big baby, most items either do not fit at all, or it fits the baby rather poorly. Even for babies, finding plus sized clothing that are stylish, durable and comfortable can be a bit difficult due to a lack of availability. For this reason there are special ways to shop for a rather bigger baby, specific places to browse and certain techniques that come into play.

The idea of the ideal baby is based on a number of factors that may not account for race, nutrition or family genetic history. Adults may not realize this idea is being transferred to our precious little ones even without us realizing it. Sadly it may follow them into adulthood with huge self-esteem implications.

One fix for this lack of availability is to become a DIY fashion designer/tailor/ seamstress. Another option is to make contact with a local business but with the growth rate of babies that may be unsustainable financially. Another fix is to locate an online retailer who can have a great product tailor made and sent to your front door. There are a lot of online retailers who actually cater to big babies, just like most American stores nowadays cater to plus size women.

Within five to six months of being born, a baby tends to become more alert, active and frisky as they learn about their new world. With more action comes a greater need to regulate the baby’s body temperature as they are still learning how to do so themselves. Another point of concern has to do with folks living in warmer climates where a full onesie may be too much. Especially during the summertime buying sleeveless onesies made of cotton or a cotton blend is a parent’s best bet.

Babies also come with additional laundry concerns, from the days of spitting up to teething, to all the food they spill on themselves when learning to self-feed. Cotton clothing is ideal as it can be washed multiple times whether by hand or machine without falling apart. The breathability of cotton has the additional benefit of holding moisture within its fibers so the baby can stay dry un­­til a change is done which protects the baby’s skin.

One huge concern when shopping for the little one is the use of harsh chemicals and dyes during the manufacturing process. While all babies have sensitive skin, there are a few that may find themselves extra sensitive for some reason. In the search for the ultimate onesie, taking a look at the tag may reveal a lot about where the item was made and what fine printed warnings the manufacturer will include with the product. If your baby is highly sensitive avoiding these products may save you a few trips to the doctor.

Finally, having a big baby is not a bad thing; studies actually show that a big baby does not necessarily have to end up being freakishly tall or bigger than other kids or larger than other adults when he or she grows up. Sometimes, it just randomly happens that you have a baby, and in most cases it is nothing to be concerned or alarmed about. That being said, shopping at the right online store or even certain physical retailers can be a perfect solution to what might seem to be an inconvenient problem.

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