Personalized Gifts Are a Great Back-to-School Present for Kids

Back-to-School Present for KidsPersonalized gifts have been around for quite a while. Many years ago, moms could place a picture of their child in the plastic sleeve of a sipper cup. Companies have long given pens engraved with the company name as promotional items. However, customization is increasing in popularity, particularly when it comes to personalized gifts for kids. Giving such a gift has become an even better idea than in the past. Here are some ideas of why personalization has become so popular and why someone should consider it for their next gift for a young person.

Production Values Have Increased

Although engraving has been in use a long time, sometimes the engraving for personalized items is not always executed in a professional way. For instance, when someone puts a child's name on a hot chocolate mug, the lettering may end up too big or too small. Sometimes the font is inappropriate; it may appear cartoonish, be an illegible scripted font or be written in the child's own hand. These attempts may be endearing, but a bit jarring in their amateurishness. It is problematic for the owner to display such an item along with other beautiful keepsakes. However, modern technology now allows almost anyone to add professional-looking text to all sorts of items very easily. Today, gifts can be customized without looking hokey.

The same evolution has occurred with photographic images. Almost every dad has a coffee mug with a picture of his children on the outside. However, the border may not be cut evenly, the background color often clashes with the color of the rest of the cup, and the photo may be posed or cropped strangely. Sometimes, the poor coffee mug can look like a New York telephone pole with an advertisement slapped haphazardly on the surface. The end result is often a coffee mug that unintentionally catches the eye of the owner, and not in a good way. Modern technology has also come to the rescue of pictures. Software allows the designer to integrate seamlessly a family photo onto a coffee mug, creating a keepsake that is both attractive and charming.

Children Love Personalization

It is cliché to say that growing up is a difficult time. Children feel that they are the center of the universe when they are born, but slowly and painfully come to realize they are not as they get older. Parents and friends have a unique challenge to nurture a child's self-worth and let them know they are important, even though others are important as well. It is a great strategy to let them know that they are not part of the crowd by giving them a gift that is tailor-made just for them. It reminds them of their important place in the universe.

Books Have Become Wonderful Personalized Gifts

Technology has made personalized books an incredible gift. In the "olden-days," books allowed a space for a child to write in his own name. Now, a gift-giver can plug the child's name into the space for "hero" in the design software, and the publisher can print the book to make it look like the hero naturally has the child's name. Similarly, the illustrations can be adjusted to fit the particular child. The impact of such a gift on a child is amazing.

Those interested in finding unique personalized gifts for their child can start by contacting their local or online gift center and work with the owner to customize the perfect gift.

Having done some research myself, I came across the an affordable option of personalized gifts from San Francisco publisher, My Chronicle Books. They personalize books, placemats, lunchboxes-you name it! However, make sure to do some research on your own, so that you can find the most suitable option for your son or daughter.

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