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Often Neglected Safety Measures at Home for Kids

Accidents can happen anywhere-even in our own house. At home, little children are the usual sorry victims of any sort of mishaps. Negligence usually result into simple injuries or worse, serious conditions. That is why, older people should take extra precaution at home to stray away from putting the safety of our little ones at risk.

Yes, the list of security measures we can do to protect the children is quite long. However, some of these measures are overlooked because of busy schedule at the office. But what is a few minutes of your time as compared to lifelong regret.

Safety Measures in the Kitchen

  • Secure cooking appliance-After using your oven or any appliance that produces heat, make sure your little ones will not come near. Kids might accidentally touch the hot surface, which usually leads to getting burn. As much as possible, place these appliances close to the wall on the countertop so kids will not be able to reach them. Close the oven door properly or use a lock to prevent the little ones from opening the hot oven.
  • Keep knives and sharp utensils in locked cabinets-Commonly, we just store our knives in the kitchen cabinet drawer for quick access. This is dangerous for the kids. What if they are going to play with the knives and get cut by the sharp blade? Or worse, your little one gets serious wound because the knife falls off while your kid tries to grab it. Therefore, it is important to keep your cutlery (sharp and pointed) in secured cabinets or drawers. Otherwise you can install lock in your kitchen cabinetry.
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Safety Measures in the Bathroom

  • Drain bathtub-Once you are done using the bathtub, never let the water stay for another hour. Aside from sanitary purpose, bathtub must be free from water to prevent the children from playing inside. This is very risky specifically if you have a big tub. Kids playing in the tub might get drown. So, might as well drain off the water.
  • Put non-slip floor mat/rug-It cannot be avoided that bathroom floor will get wet. And, if the floor is wet, it is very prone to slippage. Children might slip and bump their head on the wall or on the floor. To prevent this from happening, place a non-slip floor mat or rug where your kids can step on while using the bathroom. The mat will not just save your floor from dirt, but will protect your kids as well.
  • Keep away toilet cleaners-Designate a place for all toilet cleaners and other toxic products. It is vital to have a cabinet or a storage for all these products to keep out of the reach of children. Lock the cabinet. Otherwise, you can put them in a place where children do not usually visit.
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Safety Measures in the Bedroom

  • Close cabinetry properly-As kids, we used to think that cabinets are good place to hide when playing. But, cabinetry (specially the big ones) can also cause harm to kids. What if while hiding inside, it will stuck preventing the child from going out? Surely, the kid will panic and cry. If nobody will notice, this might even lead to suffocation. As a preventive measure, check the locks of the cabinetry if they are still functioning well. Deprive your kids from getting inside the cabinets so they will not get used to it.
  • House medications in medicines cabinet-Never just leave any sort of medications on the table or bed. Always secure tablets, capsules, syrups and any other medications in the medicine cabinet. This way, kids will not be tempted to swallow any of those.

Keeping our home safe for our youngsters is not difficult. Maybe, big houses just like in Huntington, New York may require more safety efforts because of its size. Meanwhile, medium to small dwellings like apartments in Dallas, Texas will only need a little effort since some of these safety threats are not present. In general, the safety of our little one rely on our hands-us older people.

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