Making Memories With Cremation Diamonds from LONITÉ

When you lose a loved one, your utmost desire is to preserve their memory in your heart and mind. Having mementos of the time you spent together can be helpful in creating a memorial of their life. A lifetime of memories can be captured in a single cremation diamond as you are able to literally turn human ashes into diamonds. Not only does this allow you to have a keepsake that lasts a lifetime but by turning ashes to diamonds, your loved one will be close to you with a brilliant gemstone that will be a part of you every day.


Cremation diamond mounted in a ring to keep your beloved close to your heart.

From Ashes To Diamonds…

The use of cremation diamonds is not a new phenomenon nor is turning ashes to diamonds. It is a more creative form of burial remembrance as the process to turn ashes to diamonds is a lifelong memory. LONITÉ is one such company that provides this unique way to remember a lost loved one through turning ashes into diamonds. Based in Switzerland, the company has perfected the process of making diamonds out of ashes using a three-stage process.

Creating the ideal environment is key to the development of creating diamonds from ashes and LONITÉ works diligently to introduce the necessary setting to make this transition occur naturally. Using 6000 times the atmospheric pressure and a temperature requirement of 2000˚C, it is able to make human ashes into diamonds through an organic approach.

The Transformation


HTHP apparatus recreate a natural environment to turn ashes into diamonds

Because human ashes are transposed to carbon, turning them into a diamond from ashes is a seamless progression, as this gas is extracted from the cremation ashes or collected human hair to produce the cremation diamond brilliance. To turn ashes to diamonds, the ashes are put through a purification process and then placed into a processing machine that simulates the pressure and temperature that is needed to make cremation diamonds.

The ashes into diamonds method takes time, sometimes as long as months to crystallize the carbon into a pure and sparkling diamond made from ashes. The result is surprising for anyone that catches a glimpse as it is hard to imagine that diamonds are made from human ashes and can be so natural and genuine in their appearance.

The History Of Remembrance Jewelry

The use of jewelry to commemorate a lost loved one is not a new trend as its origins date back to Biblical times. While the tradition of turning human ashes to diamonds wasn’t a mainstay of the time, carrying one’s ashes in a pendant was popular.

During this time, it was common place for a person to carry a deceased loved one’s hair, nail clipping or even blood in a glass pendant as a remembrance of them. This tradition paved the way for cremation diamonds as many of these special mementos are passed down through generations, keeping a loved one’s memory alive long after they have gone.

Symbolic Beliefs Of Human Ashes

Many believe that carrying the ashes of a lost loved one close to your heart has great symbolic significance. Much like making diamonds from ashes, carrying a lock of hair, a tooth, or even tears are believed by many to ward off bad spirits or bring luck. It also keeps your loved one close to you and can be a deep sign of respect.

Others use cremation diamonds or other jewelry types as a remembrance token that helps them keep the memory of a loved one in their hearts and on their mind. These special memory pieces are kept in a family for many years, allowing your loved one’s memory to survive and be honored.

Memorializing Loved Ones By Turning Ashes To Diamonds


A princess cut cremation diamond stone conveys your purest love.

As technology has advanced and the possibility to turn ashes into diamonds has evolved, cremations diamonds are more popular than ever. The availability and the ability to create the ultimate gemstone or turn ashes into diamonds is a permanent customized way to remember a lost loved one. By turning human ashes into diamonds, one can create a definitive memory piece.

In the U.S. and Canada, celebrating a person’s life has come into popularity versus continuous mourning through funerals. By making ashes into diamonds, a person can honor a family member, spouse or friend in the most significant, personal, and brilliant way.

Launching Cremation Diamonds In North America

For LONITÉ, cremation diamonds are a way to remember a loved one forever and using human remains to turn ashes to diamonds can be the ultimate expression of love. As one the pioneers of diamonds made from ashes, the Swiss company is now bringing the process to North America. This now offers Americans and Canadians the ability to memorialize their loved ones in the most everlasting way with a cremation diamond crafted by the company using diamonds from ashes.

Offering the ashes to diamonds process in North America builds on the LONITÉ tradition of ‘Longévité’ which literally means enjoy a long life in French Swiss – exactly how a cremation diamond is designed to be enjoyed. These diamonds from ashes have staying power as diamonds are considered the forever stone, allowing you to literally remember that loved one forever.

Working At An Ashes To Diamond Company

At LONITÉ, the employees are really the heart of the company as they work closely with family members that have lost a loved one to make human ashes into diamonds. Not like any other jewelry company, LONITÉ staff have the job of understanding the wishes to turn ashes into diamonds as a remembrance of someone that has passed away.

The single biggest aspect of working at LONITÉ is the ability to be sensitive and supportive to families that are going through a trying time and help support them in a way to memorialize someone that was important in their lives with cremation diamonds.

According to Nicola, an employee at LONITÉ in Australia, the role she performs is of support network rather than a sales position when someone wants to turn human ashes into diamonds. “I am very happy supporting families in need,” she says. “A lot of jobs involve selling and deadlines and money, however, in this role I feel that this aspect is secondary to providing supportive and empathetic service to families. I enjoy speaking with loved ones and listening to their stories and making sure they feel that their loved one is in safe hands.”

The Emotion Behind A Cremation Diamond

Investing in diamonds from ashes can be an emotional time for many that is often accompanied by stories about the person that was lost and loved very much. The staff at LONITÉ are often that shoulder to lean on and there to show families how they can turn ashes into diamonds to help with their grief.


Time goes on, but love never dies.

As Josefin, Customer Service at LONITÉ Germany, says, “Because I think that our job is an important part for the overcoming of people’s sorrow. I also think that the diamonds are an innovative way to remember your departed loved-ones – Cremation urns and burials cases are something dark and sad and nobody wants to think about it this way anymore – instead, diamonds are a symbol of beauty and brightness. So, it may be easier to think about your own departed-ones when you know you are honoring them by turning them into diamond and that us at Lonité are being a part of it for our clients.”

An Affordable Way To Turn Ashes Into Diamonds

By creating human ashes into diamonds, LONITÉ offers many family members hope as they can continue to keep the memory of their loved one burning bright. These memorial diamonds can be done after the cremation services have occurred and giving families time to heal and decide if a cremation diamond is right for them. They can then turn human ashes into diamonds and keep a part of their loved one in their life.

The cost to investing in ashes to diamonds creation is nominal compared to the loss that is felt from a loved one passing away. Many diamonds start at $1600, giving families an affordable way to make their human ashes into diamonds for a forever memory of someone they love.

Endless Memories With A Cremation Diamond

Creating diamonds made from ashes, is the ultimate keepsake of your loved one signifying your eternal love for them, showing the impact, they made on your life. With LONITÉ’s cremation diamonds, you can turn human ashes into diamonds and remember your loved one for eternity.

With just one glance of your cremation diamond, you’ll instantly be transported to a memory with them all because you had diamonds made from ashes. Creating diamonds made from ashes is the single biggest way to honor and devotion of a loved one. You’ll enjoy having them with you at all times and never forget the influence they had in your life with a cremation diamond to help you remember.

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