How to Prepare Your Kids for Moving to a New House?

moving with kidsEverybody want their kids to be comfortable when they are moving from one place to another. As a parent, you will want to make a concerted effort to ensure that your kids are in the loop. As your kids may be going on with their daily routine, they may not show any visible signs of nervousness or anxiety, but the truth is that, the feeling of anxiety is there or will be there once that big day finally arrives. Moving from one place to another means change and that means a new school, new friends, new places to visits and also new sets of worries and concerns. The good thing is that, there are many things that you can do as a parent or a guardian to help prepare your child whether he/she is 16 or a 3 year old kid. Here are some tips on how to prepare your kids when moving.

Keep your stress level down

This is one of the most important things and also one the most difficult thing to most parents .Most parents are unable to keep their stress level down. You can actually help your children if you as a parent don’t show them that you are actually stressed. Most kids pick up parental emotions. This means that, if you are nervous or apprehensive, your kids will also mimic that behavior. On the other hand, if you are confident and cool, your kids are also likely to be too.

Talk to your kids about the upcoming move

No matter the age of your children, ensure that you talk to them about the upcoming move. Update your kids on all the process and the stages of the upcoming move. Statistics show that kids need time to adjust and warm up to new ideas and major changes in their lives .Ensure that you talk to them in the best way possible about the changes and be prepared to answer any questions that they may ask you. Ensure that your kids understand that you are willing at any time to discuss with them their concern.

Visit your new home with your kids before the official move.

Once you are sure that you will be moving to a new place, try to bring your kids with you when you are looking for the new house so that they actually understand and accept that the family will actually be moving. If you are moving to a different state show your kids using a map where you will be moving in the next few days .If there is weather difference in the new area try to explain to your kids and assure them that everything is in order. Also explain to them any nearby attraction sites that may interest them such as mountains, amusement park or oceans.

Gather information about sports and other extra-curricular activities.

If possible, ensure that you gather enough credible information on the sports or any other extracurricular activities that may interest your child. Your child will be comfortable if he/she knows that he/she will still play his/her favorite sport once he/she moves to the new place.

Involve your children in the moving process.

You should encourage your child to take part in the moving process once that day finally reaches. Both younger and older children can help in moving things. Younger children can help to carry some of their most treasured items so that they can realize that though the family will be moving to a new place, their most treasured items will stay with them. Older children can help their parent in carrying light things like plastic chairs and also help to supervise their younger siblings.

Encourage your kids to keep in touch with their old friends.

If possible, before you move to the new place you can hold a going away party for your kids. Try to encourage your kids to maintain friendship with his/her old friends while at the same time, encourage them to embrace new friendship.

In conclusion you should know that children are creatures that have habit and they will naturally prompt reaction if there is any disruption in their daily routine. Whether it is a rebellious attitude that is common among teens or tantrums attitude that is common among toddlers, you should make them understand that it is normal to feel anxious and sad but help them to go through the transition by emphasizing on the new and wonderful experiences that lies ahead.

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