How To Make Quality Photos Last A Life Time?

Organising years’ worth of old family photos can seem like a mammoth task. But with digital technology making it easier than ever to store them on a computer or hard drive, it is a simple solution to prevent images from getting damaged. In this article, we will be providing you with our tips and tricks to help you make your images last a lifetime.

Scan Them Into The Computer

One of the easiest ways to ensure your images last a lifetime is to digitalise them. Images that were taken on film can oftentimes become damaged by the light and can even become fragile over time. Therefore, scanning them into the computer can help you to prevent against damage. In addition, any images that have experienced some damage can also be repaired in photoshop and other photo editing programs, allowing you to relive these memories again and again.

Have Them Printed

If you have several images that you love printing them is a great way to immortalise them. Whether you have them printed by next day canvas prints services or you print them yourself at home you can frame them and hang them anywhere you want within your home. Alternatively, there is the option to have the images printed into picture books allowing you to store them safely and securely on the bookshelf. Printing another copy of the image allows you to take them out and enjoy looking at them without the risk of damaging the original.

Store Them In Photo Albums

When storing your older images, the photo album must be protected from dust. This will make sure that the images remain in perfect condition when they are being stored. Each photo album should be stored in a room that is dry and warm. This will help to prevent any water damage or discolouration on the images allowing them to last longer. Though images will still fade over time, storing them securely gives you the best possible chance of preserving them should you choose not to digitalise them.

Create A Backup

When dealing with old family photos you must create a backup. Whether this is scanned into the computer or photocopied versions, this will allow you to are multiple copies of the same image should it be lost. This is crucial, particularly with older photos as they often become damaged much faster than photos that were taken on a digital camera. If you are saving all your images on the computer, it may also be worth saving them onto a hard drive or the cloud as it will provide you access to the images should anything happen to the computer meaning you have constant access to your photos.

Whether you are having a cleanout of the lost or you are looking to digitalise all your old photos in the near future, we hope that these simple tips can aid you in making your old family photos last for many more generations.

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