How to Make Moving Easier for Your Kids

House relocation can be both very exciting and stressful experience especially if you are moving with your kids. You need to make sure that your children will have enough time to get used to the idea of moving as it will be hard for them to move to a new place and leave all of their friends behind. Here are some great tips on how to make moving house much easier for you and your kids and thus save yourself all of the stress and anxiety.


  1. Discuss the relocation with your kids

You need to tell your kids that you are planning to move. You can call a family meeting, or discuss it during dinner time. Be honest and explain them why you need to move. You can even share your first-move experience with them so that they know it is something normal and everyone has to do this once in a while. Treat them like adults and tell them that you will rely on their help for the move and you will be happy to have them help with all of the packing.

  1. Be supportive

Your kids will probably have lots of moments when they will feel uncomfortable and rather scared because of the upcoming move. You need to be ready to answer all of the questions they have and pay special attention to their needs. Whenever they feel uncertain about the move, be there to support and encourage them. Tell them that it is something exciting and a lot of good things are about to happen. They will get to know new neighborhood, meet new people and make lots of new friends.

  1. Research the new neighborhood

Make a research on the new place that you are moving to. Look for some playgrounds in the area or local amusement parks. Share everything cool that you find with your kids in order to get them more excited. You can also show them photos of the new house.

  1. Make plans together

Ask your kids about some ideas for designing their new room. Tell them that they can choose whatever decoration they want. Make them use their imagination and make plans on how to turn your new home into an attractive and cozy place. They need to feel a significant part of the relocation process.

  1. Let them pack their favorite items

Allow your kids to pack all of their favorite clothes, toys and games themselves. If you need to downsize on the items you are about to pack, you need to explain them that you won’t be able to take all of their items. You can donate all of the unused items to a local charitable organization so that your kids will feel better knowing they are helping someone in need.


  1. Have fun when packing

Involve your children in the packing process. You can even think of a game that you can all play while organizing and sorting your items. Try to make it as amusing and interesting as possible so that your kids won’t have time to feel worried about the move.

  1. Give them a chance to say goodbye to all of their friends

One of the hardest things for your kids will be to say goodbye to their best friends. However, you need to help them overcome this difficult moment. Organize a party and invite all of their friends. Make a list of their phone numbers and addresses so that they can keep in touch.


These are 7 tips that will certainly help you make moving to a new place easier for your kids. Allow them to feel free to share all of their emotions and feelings with you. Be completely honest with them about the things that are going to happen as they need to be prepared. Try to make moving a fun and amusing experience for your whole family. Dream about all the great moments you are going to experience in your new home. Get to know the neighborhood and the local attractions. Be the perfect role model and have a great attitude towards all the new things that are happening to you. Make the most of this exciting moment and have fun!


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