How To Help Preschoolers Develop Gross Motor Skills

TERGRTGRETRight physical activities are very important for preschoolers to develop their gross motor skills in the best possible ways. Gross motor skills are the main reason why we are able to walk, jump and do any activity. It’s significant to promote your preschooler to sharpen these skills in other behaviors. By motivating your infant to attempt some of these activities, you will be helping him to work out on the muscles.

Bicycle Ride

Encourage him to ride a bicycle, scooter or a tricycle through a path of cones. Initially, it should be in your home garden in your presence so that he stays safe. Or, you can illustrate a path with sidewalk chalk on a nearby road and ask your child to ride the bicycle on that sidewalk.


A morning or evening walk is also a great way to be physically active. So encourage your little one to go for a walk with you in nearby parks. Challenge your kid to try diverse ways to get back to home such as skipping, hopping or jumping.


Play a few popular fun games from your early days such as hide and seek, green light, red light and any other game that you remember. These games will get your child running and moving. As an additional benefit, by playing planned games, your preschooler will get to know about many essential social skills.

Scavenger Hunt

Choose numerous toys or other stuff and put out of sight in your yard or on the abrupt nearby spot in a playground. You can make a catalog with sketches or images of the objects and aid him to find them. Don’t conceal objects in complicated locations and implement caution and safety when hiding favorite items such as pacifiers and security blankets.

Art Creation

Art is a fine motor movement. However, it becomes a gross motor action if you get it outside. It will allow your preschooler to use his entire body parts when drawing and filling color with sidewalk chalk. They won’t be restricted to just a small bit of paper. Take a container filled with water and hold some brushes, help your kid to paint the garden wall or a side of the house.

Dance and Fun

Dance and other activity classes such as pre-ballet can be entertaining, but they are essential for motor-skills growth. It’s more significant that children get time and chance to move their bodies, thus don’t be anxious if these programs and lessons don’t provide positive effects for your child.

Playing Imaginary

Children improve their gross motor skills when they make use of their whole body to become galloping horses, waddling ducks, soaring planes and stiff-legged robots, whatever they imagine.

Freeze Dance

You can also play an exciting game called ‘Freeze Dance’ with your little one. Load a mixture of kid-friendly tunes and songs on your player and enjoy with your kid. At the random break, stop the music, challenge your young child to “freeze” when the tune ends.

Bubble Games

Buy a few bubble solutions, or you can also create homemade bubbles and go outside. Kids love to chase bubbles and pop them. You must ensure that you don’t stand still in one place, just keep on walking and make your child follow you.

Football or BasketBall

Head outside the home and play some ball games like Football or basketball. You can simply take a tennis ball and take turns to kick and throw the same.

Fun with Water Sports

In case the weather is suitable, you can get your child involved in several water games. A small pool (made for children) with the right supervision and security in mind can help you to make your baby have an active time on the water. Just a sprinkler can provide several methods for your infants to move around. Toddlers just love this activity and can play with it much longer than playing with any toy or ball.

Playground Fun

Visit a children’s park or a playground. Motivate your child to make use of all equipment there. Climb ladders, go down the slide, balance the rock wall and pump a swing.

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