Gift Ideas for Father's Day

imagesIt’s that time of year again! Time to honor one of the biggest role model in your life-your dad. There might be a lot of pressure to get just the right gift, but it isn’t quite too hard to get gifts that will perfect for him. It won’t involve just getting him a wallet either.

1) Go the electronics route.

If you have some money to spend this year, how about giving your dad the "man den" he’s always wanted? Give him a home theater system that will put those other dad’s in the neighborhood to shame and it’s the perfect time to buy it (hey, he can appreciate a good deal, too).

2) An experience gift.

Pay for him to a shave at the local barber (you know, the expensive one). Or offer to spend the day fishing with him. One of the best types of gifts to give are ones that involve making memories with each other. You know your dad best, so give him the gift that will make the day fun and memorable for you both.

3) An “of the month” Club

Does he like beer? Does he like meat? Trust us, there are many “of the month” clubs that can fit any type of interest, from the standard to the unique. Buy him a three or six month certificate to one of these types of clubs and you will make his day. It’s a special gift he’ll get each month that will remind him how much you care.

4) Select a really good bottle of liquor.

Don’t be afraid to actually go into the local liquor store and get some advice from the guy who owns it. But go in for a really nice bottle of his favorite liquor, whether it’s whiskey, brandy, or even wine. It’ll be something he can enjoy and something you may be able to share and enjoy together.

5) A favorite show series box.

Does he always look for those reruns of a particular crime series? Or how about iconic baseball or sports moments? It’s time to do a little digging and even eavesdropping and get your dad something he can enjoy over and over again. Not to mention, it will be something you can watch with him.

You don’t have to over complicate Father’s Day and often times the simplest gift idea is the best. Remember-it’s the thought that counts, of course.

If you have any questions, please ask below!