Five Unique Options to Memorialize Your Loved One


Dealing with the loss of someone you love can be a difficult journey. You may not want to let them go. This may cause you to look for ways to keep them here. Your search may lead you down the road to finding ways to memorialize your loved one for all to see throughout time. There are many options available these days to help you do this. Most of us would like to find a hobby or project that is close to the heart of our loved one and work from there. Here are a few options you may want to consider when you are seeking ways to memorialize your loved one.

  1. Make a charitable donation. You can choose a charity that is close to the heart of your loved one. Maybe they supported a cause or believed in a cause that you could donate to in their name. You can also opt for people to send donations to this cause instead of sending flowers. There are also many causes that will give you a certificate, engrave the names of donors on certain spots or even place plaques up of the names of donors. These things could give you a place to go to remember your loved one or a piece of paper that will let you remember how much your loved one meant to others. It is certainly a win-win situation for everyone because you honor the memory of your loved one and do a good deed at the same time.
  2. Find your green thumb. If your loved one loved the outdoors and greenery, you could easily plant a tree, some bushes, flowers or an entire garden in their name. You could even add their ashes to the garden, but you may want to ensure that your local laws are supportive of this. You could also make a plaque with their name for your garden or have a bench, monument or garden statues dedicated in their name. You can choose their favorite plants and watch them grow as time passes. If you happen to move or need to move the garden, you could dig up the plants and take them and any other monuments in the garden with you, so you will never have to lose the memory of your loved one.
  3. Make a movie. You could get the friends and family of your loved one together to make a memorial video. This may give everyone the chance to share all their special moments and memories of the deceased one last time, which could give them a chance to say goodbye one last time. You could feature this video during the funeral service to give everyone the chance to see the finished video all as one. This would also be a perfect way to personalize your loved one’s memorial service. As a gift to everyone, you could make copies for them or have a link where they could go to at a later time and download it for themselves. This would give everyone their own copy to watch whenever they wanted to remember their loved one.
  4. Transform their ashes. If you choose to have your loved one cremated, there is more you can do with their ashes other than keeping them in an urn or scattering them in their favorite places. You can now transform your loved one’s ashes into pieces you can keep with you forever. You can have them turned into jewelry, paperweights or other keepsakes. This allows you to keep your loved one close to you. And, the best part is that you will only need to use a small portion of their ashes. This means if you do want to keep them in the urn or scatter them somewhere, this is still a viable option even with your keepsake.
  5. Get a tattoo. I know that there is a portion of us that is totally against tattoos, and this option is not for you. However, many of us express ourselves through our tattoos, so why not get a tattoo in memory of our loved one? Memorial tattoos are gaining popularity throughout the world, and in some places, you can even mix some of the ashes of your loved one in with the tattoo ink. Remember this is not an option in some places as per legality issues. You could tattoo your loved one’s name, birthdate, favorite flower, favorite animal, anything that meant something to your loved one and reminds them of you would be perfect. Remember it is your art, and you can make it special to you and them in any way you want. There are so many ways you can do this to make it extraordinary.

It is hard losing our loved one, and most of us are struggling with all of the emotions involved. It can be extremely helpful looking for unique and personal ways to memorialize our loved ones. By doing some research and looking into the things that we loved about the one we lost, maybe you could find the perfect way to help you remember someone special in your life.

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