Christmas Gifts Ideas for Dads Working Abroad

chr-dadFathers are the typical breadwinners of the family. It could be heartbreaking to seldom see your father especially during memorable holidays like Christmas. This is especially true if he’s working overseas. The only way you can compensate absence is by giving Christmas gifts for dad working overseas.

There are plenty of factors to be considered before sending him your presents during the Christmas season.
• Physical aspects of the gift
If you’re sending a gift big enough to fill a whole office cubicle, please choose one more gift. Gifts of massive sizes would mean expensive freight charges which might turn out to be impractical as freight costs including insurance may exceed the actual cost of the present.
• Customs and duties taxes
Depending on the country where your dad is working, destination charges of Christmas gifts for dad may be possibly incurred and may be shouldered by him. You should know the restrictions involved in sending specific items to different country destinations.
Best Christmas Gifts to be Sent
Now that you have a basic idea on the rules that apply for sending packages abroad, here are a few gift ideas that your father will surely want to have as gifts on Christmas.
• A family photo frame
This may be a simple and a very ordinary Christmas gift for Dad to be given.
However, considering your father is abroad, this will be the perfect gift for someone who misses his family.
• Personalized golf balls
If your dad is a golf enthusiast, this gift will put a happy smile on his face. You can add a more intimate touch on the gift by in-scripting on it his name or the names of the family members. This will also add to that wonderful golf collection he has in his office.
• A remote controlled helicopter
Because of the distance and the intense missing of the family, your father might not help but tap into his inner child. He might break down and cry once in a while especially when he is away from his family on Christmas Day. So for that unique Christmas gift for Dad, why not let him let loose on his childlike mode and let him enjoy playing this toy?
• A golf course GPS
You can let him enjoy spending the holidays with his golf buddies by giving him a GPS for the golf course. He may be lost at not being able to spend the Christmas season with you and the family but he will definitely not be lost while playing his favorite game.
• A shaver/beard trimmer
For all you know, your father might have forgotten to tidy himself up with his family not around at all. This Christmas gift for dad will surely remind him that it is not good to look like a hairy old man on Christmas.
• A warm vest
Christmas could be cold and lonely for your father abroad, and one good way to provide him warmth is by giving him a vest for those cold winter moments.
It is always important to remind your father how much he is remembered on Christmas. That is why you need to go an extra mile to know the right tips in sending him your well wishes and the best Christmas gifts for Dad you could ever give.
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