You Should Get a Custom Wedding Ring

According to tradition, the wedding day belongs to the bride; it is one of the most important days of her life, if not the most important one. It is a day that should be memorable to her and one of the best ways of attaining this requirement is going for a custom-made wedding ring. After all, if there is one thing that she will have on her all the time that will remind her of that once in a lifetime privilege, it is her wedding ring. That’s just the main idea; let me tell you some more about why you should get a custom wedding ring.

It’s Special

Of course, it is a special day for the bride and the groom, but mostly the bride. As lovers, you are special to each other and I am having a problem thinking of anything else that symbolizes the value you have for each other than a bespoke wedding ring. If you get a design that already exists, that’s ready-made; chances are that someone else somewhere will be wearing the same thing. What’s special about that?

A custom wedding ring will be unique. It will have a design that is the only design in the entire universe. You will never mistake that wedding ring for anything else. The moment you set eyes on it, you will remember its value. Nothing tells your significant other that they are special to you than getting them something special; a wedding ring that’s specifically designed for her or him (I know tradition dictates that the man organizes the wedding, but in an open world, the woman can also make the arrangements).

It Can Help With Commitment Issues

Around 50% of married couples divorce. While couples are engaged, around a month before the D-day, someone freaks out. Furthermore, subsequent to the marriage, a little way down the road, when the going gets tough, some people start second-guessing themselves.

One of the things about custom wedding rings is that they require extra effort to attain. The groom, bride, or both will have to sit down and come up with a design. That in itself is a process. Then they have to deal with the designer, who adds to the time required to create the ring. Once everyone agrees on a design, the bride and groom will have to be patient for the ring to be created. If you check out Michael Arthur’s engagement rings, you’ll realize that it is a process that requires diligence (because you don’t want just any ring), patience, commitment, and money.

The wedding in itself is exhausting and a custom-made ring adds to that exhaustion. During those tough times, the bride may remember how exhausting planning the wedding was, including what the groom went through to get her the perfect ring, and that may help her to stay strong. The groom, on the other hand, may look at the ring and recall what he went through to have the ring made and that may give him the strength to push through.

It Can Help With the Budget

Well, not all of us are marrying into the royal family, so the wedding budget can get tricky sometimes. While shopping for a wedding ring, you may come across a ring that is just out of this world. You may have had your ideal wedding ring in your head, but this ring is ten times amazing than your crappy idea. It is something you never knew existed – you didn’t even know such a thing was possible. The only problem is that the price tag is equivalent to your entire wedding budget. If you were to get the ring, you may as well tell everyone to forget about the wedding; it’s in the ring.

That’s one option, the other one would be to borrow the idea, tone a few things down, and have a jeweler create something similar but within your budget. That’s one of the ways a custom-made ring can help you not to deny your bride the wedding day she’s longed for ever since she discovered prince charming.

Even if you find a ring that’s just so dreamy or exactly as you wanted your wedding ring to be like, it is not special. If someone else thought of it, then chances are that someone else is already wearing it. If you find something you like, tweak it to make it special for your wedding. It is common sense that custom is the way to go if you really want to make both your wedding and marriage special.

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