Why the Guy You Date and the Guy You Marry might Prove to be Different?

You start your relationship with the guy you think is perfect for your entire life but very soon after spending some time together you start feeling he is not your MR. right. And this is very usual to feel like this. In the beginning of any dating you are in a Love haze where everything is so adorable but you need to be very careful while taking a decision, after all it is about your whole life.

So don’t be afraid of saying what you actually feel about him and move on if you feel he is not the right one for you. And when you are thinking to get settle down make sure you are doing it with a quality man and not with an immature guy. There are some fine differences between the guy you are dating and the man you should marry and here are some of them:

  • The boy with whom you are dating always takes you out just for having fun nothing else where the boy you marry asks you out with an intention of knowing you more. He is interested in your each and every little habit and wants to be a part of your interests.
  • The guy you date gets jealous whenever you are with some other guys. Although his possessiveness is cute sometimes but it is also a base of long annoying arguments. And on the other hand the one with whom you should marry puts his trust in you and never get angry whenever you are roaming around with other boys. He always gives you your personal space and exercise patience that you might not deserve.
  • The one you date apologizes and says “I am sorry” just to cheer you up and to stop you from nagging him. He says “I love You” just because he does not want to lose you so what he doesn’t know the meaning of these 3 words. And in contrary the one you marry says sorry it means he is truly feeling in that way and never wants to hurt you. And if he confesses his love for you it means he wants you to feel that love every minute of your life.
  • The boy you date shows no interest in your friends and family and always try to have some alone time with you which he name “Quality time” and the boy you marry always try to meet your friends and is always eager to hear your nonstop gossips about your friends.
  • Even you are not confident about the guy you date to show him up in front of your parents and on the other hand you proudly introduce that one boy you should marry to your parents and he magnificently impresses your parents to hold your hand for the life time.

So these all are very few points to make the difference clear but yes useful enough to make a good decision. Be wise and choose the best match!


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