What to Know before Online Dating in the Philippines

It is not only the young generation that has become interested in the online dating world, but also middle-aged people and elderly. Regardless of age, nationality and profession, people from all over the world are joining online dating services to chat, hook up, and even marry.

The Philippines dating industry, in particular, has grown tremendously over the years. The explanation for this sudden growth is quite simple. Filipino women are interested in mature, kind men who can take care of them and have the means of offering them a different life, while Western men are attracted by the soft, kind and carrying nature of Filipino women.Untitled-5

If you are interested in finding your love in the Philippines there are several services you can use, such as

But before you begin your pursuit for happiness, there are a few things you should consider about online dating in the Philippines. We will walk you through most of them:

  1. Filipino values and traditions: online dating can be confusing, especially for new users, but it becomes even more confusing when you are courting a woman of different cultural background. The Philippines has a strict value system that dictates how socializing, courting and dating must be done. If you want to win the heart of a Filipina you must understand that respect, family and honesty represent their three core values. Therefore, you should never insult or lie to a Filipina woman. When reaching out to a Philippines woman you must exercise politeness and patience.
  2. Honest Filipinas are all about commitment: In general, Filipinas are looking for serious relationships and will only take into consideration a man that can offer them stability and love. They want someone who can take them away from their home and provide with a different lifestyle than what they are already familiar with. But what does this mean for you? Filipina woman are inherently affectionate and loyal. They will support you through thick and thin and protect their children with the ferocity of a lioness.
  3. Some Filipinas are just scammers: While there are many great women out there, there are also some that you might want to steer clear off. For example, when you find an extremely photo uploaded to a Filipina's profile, you should request verification through webcam. Everybody knows that Filipinas are naturally beautiful, but some will simply use magazine photos to make innocent users fall in love with them and steal their money. Other scams may include asking for money in order to prevent ‘a family disaster' (common lies used: ‘my grandma is very sick', ‘my dog died' etc.) and requesting money for webcam time.
  4. Treat your Filipina as an Equal: Despite its traditions, Philippines is a very modern country. Most citizens are aware of the latest technological trends and they are fluent in English. You should never consider your woman as a second-class citizen. Most Filipinas are well educated and opinionated individuals that deserve respect. If you want your relationship with a Filipina to work you must treat her with the same respect that you hope to receive from your partner.

Take into consideration these aspects before you start online dating in the Philippines.You might also be interested to know that Filipino-Western couples usually stay together.

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