Understanding and Communicating Better With Women

erotikIn most healthy marriages, sex plays an important role. Sex also plays an important role in how we dress, and behave around others. It is on magazines covers, and in t.v. shows, everywhere we look, there is something that pertains to sex.

  • While we may be comfortable seeing sex in our daily lives, many couples still find it extremely difficult to discuss sex with each other. Sex is an incredibly close and personal experience, and it can be hard for some couples to open completely open up with each other. Instead of shying away from this difficult conversation, try a few helpful tips to help make communicating with her easier.
  • Picking the right time to have a conversation about sex is important. It is a delicate subject to begin with, so timing is everything. Try to avoid having any sexual discussions before bed and especially during sex. While some women may enjoy soft whispered words of pleasure, bringing up your sexual frustrations or disappointments during sex will ruin any romantic mood.
  • Be direct and honest when you are having any discussion about sex. Using sexual innuendos or vague half-truths can often lead to confusion or even anger. Sex is already a difficult subject for many couples do not make the conversation worse, always be open and honest with your partner.
  • When having the discussion, never make your partner feel like it is her fault. Instead of blaming your partner, try making the conversation more about your experiences. Mention past sexual acts that you enjoyed. Never start a sentence with the word “you”.
  • Never be afraid to ask questions, they can be especially helpful if your partner has difficulty in expressing her sexual preferences. Asking and answering questions can also help to prevent any misunderstandings that could occur.
  • Listening, yet still staying calm is important in any conversation but it especially applies when you are discussing sex. Never act bored, or become distracted, will your partner notice. Always remember that this is probably as hard for her as it is for you.
  • Always respect what your partner is saying. You do not have to agree, but you do need to respect each other's opinions. Do not interrupt or insult what your partner is saying to you.

Conversations concerning sex should also include discussing some of these common sexual moods that couples experience.

  1. Hot, quick sex: This is when couples have sex for the simple pleasure of enjoying sexual intercourse.
  2. Emotional sex: This is the almost spiritual meeting of two people during intercourse. There may seem to be an almost spiritual bond between the couple while they are engaged in sex.
  3. Romantic sex is a favorite sexual mood for many women. It is full of soft touches, gentle kisses, and whispers. Romantic sex often involves extended foreplay and intimate moods.
  4. Fun sexual moods includes laughter, tickling, and even teasing. It normally occurs on a lazy morning in bed when the sheer pleasure of being with each other leads to intercourse.
  5. Angry sex should never be confused with violent sex. It is still possible to have sex with your partner even when you are angry with her. Sometimes it is easier to resolve conflicts after a round of sex with your partner.
  6. Experimentation or fantasy sex involves role playing or a type of experimentation that you are both comfortable with. It could include dressing in costumes, or having sex in an open area.

Sex can be difficult and even embarrassing to discuss, especially with your partner. By following these simple tips, men can learn how to understand women and how to communicate with them. Once a couple can have open and honest discussions about sex, they will soon be experiencing an exciting and satisfying sex life.

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