Top 10 Ways To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back


“It’s over between us”, “I need some space,” you probably know where I’m going with this. You’ve broken up with your girlfriend and you think you’ll never get a shot at love again. Don’t worry, it’s never too late, you just haven’t gotten the right advice yet.

So, here’s a step by step guide you can follow to get your ex-girlfriend back:

  1. Stay Calm! Don’t Panic.

Panicking, sending long needy voice mails or texts asking her to take you back, crying, sobbing a snot bubble, all these are things you should NOT do. When she says she needs time and space, give it to her.

  1. Don’t let go of yourself.

The whole bearded untidy look, the not taking a shower for days and bathing in your own filth is not a pleasing sight. Plus, that won’t get her back. Be tidy, presentable, dress clean, look sharp and ooze out confidence.

  1. Analyze the situation and be patient.

Giving your ex time is a good way for her to think, gather her thoughts and miss you. Don’t contact her for some time, but be around.

  1. Focus on the right moves.

Reach out to her, be there and show that the shoulder she needs to cry on is yours without imposing yourself on her of course. Make her realize that no one could understand her better than you can, by noticing every little thing about her, a new haircut, a new dress, shoes, and openly appreciate her. She’ll be taken aback but will love your comments.

  1. Stay in touch.

Now it’s time to call her up from time to time, email, text, show her your affection towards her but be courteous, not overbearing.

  1. Remember all the important stuff.

Remember to get your ex back, you’ll need to remember all the important stuff such as her birthday, or specials days just the two of you had, remember her favorite flower, or movie. Little stunts like this will show her you still care.

  1. Communicate and understand.

If you want your ex back, communicate and understand, open up about your feelings and understand her side of the story. Be apologetic and focus on learning to grow.

  1. Throw in the Friendship card.

Try and create a friendly relationship with your ex. Act like her best friend and build her trust. Make her feel comfortable and open with you.

  1. Hint away.

Now, that you’re back in throwing in a few hints now and then about all the perfect moments during your relationship, being flirty, and humorous, it’s a good way to go. If she responds she still has feelings for you.

  1. Learn & Change

Remember, to get your ex back, learn from your mistakes and change yourself by being chivalrous. A gentleman never hurts anyone so wear your heart on your sleeves. Show her you feel the same way by being honest about your feelings.

Just follow these steps and you’ll truly know that is was meant to be. You’ll fall in that sick puppy love all over again.


If you have any questions, please ask below!