Three Date Night Ideas to Revitalize Your Marriage

picnicWhen young couples first get married, date night is a weekly occurrence (and for the really lively, date night is a few days a week). But after a while, the same old routine of renting a movie and eating popcorn in your pjs gets old, monotonous and boring.

With the change of schedules, demands of work or new members of the family, those weekly date nights start to become last on the list and are often forgotten about all together.

But to have a successful and happy marriage, date night is a must. According to The National Marriage Project, statistics show that couples that get their couple time at least once a week are at least 3.5 times more satisfied with their communication, sex life and commitment to each other.

Here’s a list of some great date night ideas to keep you and your husband happy:

For the Spending Savvy

For next to nothing, you can have a romantic and fun date night in your own backyard. Make some food and bring it with you outside for a picnic under the stars. Lay out a large blanket and set up some candles all around you. Eat your dinner, talk about your day and look up at the night sky. After dinner and dessert, lay next to one another and star gaze.

For a fun twist, venture out to the store and get each other the most creative gift. You each have $10 to use. The surprise of the gift will make a great ending to any date night.

For the Romantic

For your date night, look no further than your bedroom. Regardless of your schedules or mood, plan a sex date night. Sex relationship expert Tammy Nelson says planning a sex date will create “erotic anticipation,” in which the both of you will start to look forward to your special night and unconsciously start planning on it ahead of time. Ed Young and wife Lisa, who have been married for over 25 years, recently spent 24-hours together in a bed on top of their Dallas church for the world to see to show the benefits of communication and romance.

Young’s book “Sexsperiment: 7 Days of Lasting Intimacy With Your Spouse” details the benefits of sex and romance in your marriage.

For the Young at Heart

For the night, transform into young kids in love again and have date night centered around kid-themed ideas. For a fun game night, play your favorite card or board game or any other two-person game you both enjoy. If you both love video games, play a fun round of video games like “Mario Party” or “Wii Sports.”

For some excitement, buy tickets to your local zoo or aquarium and wander together in amazement as you listen to the monkey screech and lions roar. Make it a game and play I Spy while in the aquarium exhibit or while walking around the zoo grounds. “I spy something with stripes!”

For the Creative Couple

A night of wine, art and local cuisine is an ideal date night for a creative couple. Start the night off with some arts and crafts time: Make each other a painting, bracelet or anything else crafty you can get your hands on. While working on your craft, sip some nice wine and laugh together about your artful attempts thus far. End the night with some fine cuisine from a local restaurant.

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