Things Your Wedding Guests Don’t Care About According to Wedding Planners and Suppliers

Couples get married so that they can live together happily. But admit it or not, the beginning of any union is quite complicated. You have so many things to plan and decide on.

As with any newlyweds is your dream home. How are you going to afford it? Are your credit scores high enough to securea home loan? Where is the perfect location?

Then there is the wedding ceremony. When and where is it going to happen? What permits anddocumentsdo you need to prepare? What’s the theme?

And, of course, you certainly have tons of questions about budgeting.

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Most likely, your ideas for your wedding will come from ones you have attended before. Your wedding planner will help you decide on things you have no idea about.

You can also go online to do some research. Check other people’s experiences with weddings and budgeting. There are lots of information coming from people with firsthand experiences.

Here are some things wedding planners on the internet suggest ditching, including some alternative suggestions:

  1. Wedding Favors

Have you ever kept favors from weddings you attended before? If not, you are not alone. Many people on the internet share the same sentiment.

TikTok user called the California Wedding Planner shares that guests do not usually care about wedding favors. They typically forget ones with your names and wedding on tables or car seats.

As such, you can proceed with not giving any favors. Your guests won’t probably notice. Alternatively, you can replace them with something more friendly to your budget. Try something your guests will find useful and not boring. Try soaps with your wedding date engraved on them. Scented candles make good favors too. Plus, they are easy on the pocket.

  1. A 3-Tier Cake

Towering cakes are gorgeous—no doubt about that. They look good in pictures. Plus, it probably made you happy browsing for elegant cake designs.

However, your guests won’t really care if you choose a simple one instead. You can buy a one-layer white cake. You can then get creative with the design and cake toppers. As long as the cake tastes delicious, your guests will be happy. That will help yousave some bucks.

If you decide to ditch the cake, you can go for cupcakes so everybody can pick one off the table. You can also put up a dessert bar of equally delicious treats.

Another wedding planner shares creative ways to replace the traditional cake. Stacked pancakes or waffles are perfect for brunch weddings. A tower of pies and cookies is also among their suggestions.

  1. Well-Designed Invitations and Programs

One of the first things you probably look forward to is yourwedding invitations. You want them to come out elegant and gorgeous. However, the cost of every invitation will add up eventually. Custom invitations come with a price, and yet, you only use them once. And most of them end up in the trash.

You can save money by opting for simpler designs. You can even DIY your wedding invitations, although that will take some effort on your end. This modern invitation designer suggests going for invitation templates. They come with instructions so you don’t need special skills to do them. You can customize details according to your preference.

Another event planner suggests putting up a wedding website instead of sending tons of paper cards along with the invitation. The website should contain details like your dinner rehearsal date and venue. Just insert the website link somewhere on your invitation.

You can also forego printing your wedding programs. They usually just end up being used as a fan. Instead, you can use a cute chalkboard at the venue to list what’s going to happen in your ceremony.

  1. Flower Arrangements

Flower arrangements play a massive role in setting up the mood of the venue. However, you don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve this.

There are more sustainable and eco-friendly ways around this element. Foraging for local flowers can work. Just make sure you have the right documents from local authorities to do so. Foraged flowers will add a rustic vibe to your wedding venue. Better still, you can get simple arrangements from your local florist. Photographers know how to take beautiful shots from certain angles to make your wedding look gorgeous, flowers included.

Planning a wedding can be highly stressful at times. Follow these tips from wedding experts to save you from overthinking and worrying. Given the number of weddings they have been to, no one can give better pieces of advice than them.

If you have any questions, please ask below!