Things You Should Know about Arranged Marriages!

weddingNot everyone knows everything about arranged marriages especially this generation. Most of us think that this system is old and should not exist, but researches have shown that arranged marriages work more than love marriages. If you are opting for Punjabi matrimonials sites to find yourself a bride or groom, here are some things you need to do. This is, basically, how the process of arranged marriage works:

  1. The right age – Marrying early at 21 is not a good decision for everyone and when you are going for arranged marriage, you need to keep a proper age in mind. Usually, the age is 25 to 28, basically within the bracket of 30 and above 25 at least. It can be a little difficult to find a bride or groom matching your age once you cross 30.

  2. Note down important points – Sit alone and note down what you want in your ideal groom or bride. Be extremely realistic about what you expect! We all want to marry Ryan Gosling or Megan Fox, but it is better to think practically and narrow down to the expectations. Also, think about the qualities you have too. Try noting down things that match your personality or is something what you wanted to be.

  3. Economical – If you are ready to tie the knot, you need to start saving up for the wedding too. You never know how much the budget could increase or how many guest you might end up inviting. Make sure you have some money kept aside for your big day.

  4. Check the profile – Yes, when you come across a profile on a matrimonial website that grabs your attention, go through it properly. Make sure you check what their job profile is, find out about their family and other things. If your family might have an issue that your groom or bride smokes or drinks then you should check that beforehand itself. In arrange marriages, you have to consider what your family wants too!

  5. Take help – If you not able to find a suitable match, talk to the matrimonial services and your parents for help. Your parents or guardian will be able to guide you the best. Also, matrimonial services help a lot if you personally talk to them about any queries you are facing.

  6. Think and make the final decision – Don't just make the decision based on few meetings or on how gorgeous they look. See all the factors and make sure you are picking the right person. Marriage is a big life decision and if you end up marrying someone you dislike after some time, it is not worth it.

  7. Stay committed – Arranged marriages are held together on commitment and trust. You are marrying a complete stranger and you need to maintain commitment to keep the marriage happy.

Other than all these mentioned factors, do not step into marriage if you are not ready and just being forced by your parents.


If you have any questions, please ask below!