Things to Remember when You Are Dating Your Boss

It is true love can happen anywhere and anytime. It may be your high school or college or work place and there is no stopping for these feelings. However, when you date someone from your work place things to tend to get complicated, added to this if it is your boss, and then you have to face a lot of issues within your office.

It is common for all of us to crave for attention and acknowledgment of our bosses. Do not take it as the love you have towards the person. Think twice before you start dating that whether this is your attraction towards his or her position or it is the love towards their character. There are very high chances that you might mix both these feelings.

Be prepared for some unnecessary circumstances in your work place and sometimes being careful can also avoid these tensions.

Do not date them for perks

There is nothing lower than dating a person for the benefits attached to it. It demeans you as a person and shows you in a very poor light. If you want to climb the corporate ladder there are multiple ways like improving your skills, working hard etc. Dating your boss is definitely not one of them and it ios neither going to take you to any higher position.

Act normal in office

In office he or she is not your partner and don’t show your physical intimacy in front of your colleagues. This is the kind of maturity a person has to show in workplace and remember you are not in college. PDA in office is a complete no.

This causes a lot of discomfort to your colleagues.

Don’t show off

Yes you have your boss as your boyfriend or girlfriend that does not mean you can show it off and make a scene in workplace. You love people for who they are and not for their designations. Once when you start to flaunt about your relationship at your workplace it appears more of your display on how you got the big fish rather than a love relationship.

Don’t discuss your relationship

Who does not know how wild office gossips can turn out to be? Sharing your relationship issues at office can fuel them. And when it includes your boss, there is nothing more interesting for people to discuss. Everywhere you go people in office might ask you silly questions regarding your love life, better stay silent.

Discussion among co-workers about management

One thing that bonds most of the workers in an office is their issues with management. It is one of the places no matter how diplomatic you tend to be, you cannot avoid the attitude difference of colleagues towards you. They will try to keep you away from these discussions as they fear that you might take these talks to your boss. This attitude may cause a lot of discomfort to you but there is no escaping. You can sense that they cease their talks regarding this when you enter the place, this is unavoidable.

Don’t discuss official things out of office

Don’t talk about official things to your boyfriend or girlfriend when you are outside office. It may cause unintentional issues you may say something that is a part of your work team which should not reach your boss. Therefore it is better to completely avoid official talks during your date. It also helps you to have a quality time together. Talking too many official things looks like an extension of your office time

Don’t expect favors

Do not expect any favors’ from your boss just because you are romantically involved with that person. It is diminishing your own character. It looks like you are in a hook-up for benefits. Neither expects favors from co-workers just because you are your boss’s personal favorite. Stop acting like a teacher’s favorite kid in school. You crossed high school long back, behave like one.

People around you might think low of you

You may have begun your relationship out of love for that person rather than their position. But not everyone around you is going to think that way. They are going to be negative tantrums thrown at you for dating boss. They may point that your relationship is the reason behind all your perks and promotions regardless of the work you carry out.

This tends to hurt you at multiple times. You cannot change people’s perception. Move on with your life.

Possessiveness at work place

Your boss has to interact with multiple people in office this would have been fine when you were not involved with them but now you tend to feel differently. Don’t get possessive or jealous over these issues, it is the part of their job and nothing more than that. Fighting over issues of these sorts might cause friction in relationship.

When you decide to keep your relationship a secret

Secret relationships may sound exciting and adventurous. But it would end up highly embarrassing when your colleagues start suspecting and they latter come to know about it. Of course maintain it as a secret can avoid multiple problems. But any chance of others knowing the issue will lead to an even bigger mess.

Both of you involved in the relationship might start feeling insecure. This is common to any secretive relationship. You are not completely sure whether your partner is only involved with you or he or she is cheating you.

Keeping it as a secret is totally a personal choice of the couple.

When you end the relationship

This might sound harsh but nobody knows the future. When you’re relationship breaks the future consequences totally depend upon your boss’s mentality. Any cool person would just move on but an unpredictable person might create problems for you. He or she may be the barrier behind your prospective promotion or other similar issues.

And your break up would end up to be the hot topic for all your colleagues.


It is essential that all relationships have good communication. Therefore do not hold your fears and apprehensions to yourself, talk to your partner and come to a solution together.


In case if you find difficult to handle multiple issues associated with dating your boss it is a safer bet to look for a new organization to work for. You can at least keep office gossips at bay.

The above mentioned points may make you feel scary for dating someone in a higher position from your workplace. But any relationship needs efforts and these are the part of dating your boss. If you love them truly all these bumps are worthy enough.

If you have any questions, please ask below!