The Key to Giving Great Gifts for Couples

Love ever gives but never claims. Love is the core of all gifts. Gifts are one of the best ways of expressing our love and appreciation of our loved ones; be it family, friends, or lovers. In this instance, the subject of attention is a couple. It may be a newlywed couple, soon to be wed, one that has been married for a while, or just a boy and girl who are in love and you happen to be part of their social circle. Regardless of who the couple is, let’s explore some great principles to guide you in picking the best gift to express your love and jubilation of them.


Consideration or Thoughtfulness

If you were given a yacht worth a million dollars as a gift, and you live in the desert, despite the fact that it’s really expensive and beautiful, it wouldn’t mean much to you. Why would you want a yacht when you are living somewhere where large bodies of water are nowhere? In fact, I think I’ll have to bring the yacht to you using helicopters – and that would be the end of it. The thing will never move – unless a sandstorm shows up, which will just cover it with sand. But if you were given a power saw as a gift, and you do woodwork as a hobby, that would be a very useful gift to you, despite that fact that it won’t necessarily be as expensive and beautiful as the yacht in the desert.

The first thing about giving any gift is being considerate. You must get the recipient of the gift something that will be meaningful to them. In fact, this is the only principle you should observe if you are to indeed impress the couple you want to get a gift for. But how do you know what will be meaningful to them?

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Research, Paying Attention, and Spying

Please don’t get yourself in trouble. You are trying to make a positive impression and not create enemies. By spying, I by no means imply that you hire a detective or plant bugs and cameras in the couple’s habitat. For the sake of clarity and safety, let’s start here.

If you are getting a gift for a couple, chances are that you close to one of the individuals who form the couple; either the lady or gentleman. This is one of the means you can employ to determine what will be meaningful to them. Consider any previous conversations you’ve heard with the party you are closest to and see whether you can figure out something that will bring joy to the couple. If this proves fruitless, try to do some research about the couple. Talk to friends of the party you are closest to and see whether they’ll reveal something you either missed or just weren’t in a position to realize.

Always pay attention whenever you are with the couple. It doesn’t have to be both of them, just ensure you are all ears whenever either of the parties is talking. Furthermore, pay attention to the things they have at their place. You can learn a lot about people just by looking with a keen eye at their possessions and obsessions.

Now, spying just means doing some neat digging about the couple’s background and what they are fond of. Asking their friends and families about them is part of spying. And also reading in between the lines whenever they talk is part of spying. These processes will help you figure out something that will be meaningful to them.



Well, I gave a hint at this earlier; remember the yacht in the desert? Whenever you are dealing with giving a gift to a couple, it best to consider their lifestyle and get them something that they will both appreciate. More often than not, this will be something that will make their lives easier. A newlywed couple will often receive a new bed as a gift. That’s something that will serve them for decades; particularly if it’s one of good quality and a style that the couple loves. Some things that you want to explore (and remember to be considerate) are:

  • Kitchen appliances
  • Furniture
  • Electronics – cameras, smart TVs,
  • Money – find a way of taking care of some of the expenses the couple is likely to deal with; particularly if it’s a newlywed couple. You could just give them a generous amount of cash, or if the couple is living in an apartment building and intending to buy a home later, you could pay an entire year’s rent for them as a gift. Just anything to make their lives easier financially. Be that as it may, remember that love ever gives, but never claims. Whenever you give anyone money as a gift, avoid bringing it up in conversations, especially if you intend to show anyone how generous you were. Money is a very sensitive issue. As a gift, you wanted to help the couple, not to make them feel like they owe you anything, or to brag about how generous your offer was.

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Sentimental Value

One of the most thoughtful gifts I ever heard a newlywed couple receive was pressed flowers of their wedding bouquet. A close friend of the couple secretly asked for it from the girl who caught it when the bride threw it, had it pressed, and neatly framed for the couple. Now the couple had noticed that he had not given them any wedding gift. And just when they least expected it, they got a delivery with their name on it. When they opened the package, it was a beautifully framed pressed flowers of their wedding bouquet. Now, they will forever remember their wedding, as well as the thoughtful friend whenever they look at that masterpiece.

Another way of being thoughtful and considerate when giving a couple a gift is looking for something that will immortalize a beautiful moment of their lives in their hearts. Some things to go for are customized wedding photo albums, a movie about their wedding, a movie about their journey as a couple, and be creative. Remember to always make the gifts personal. Look for something to anchor the gifts in the couple’s hearts. That’s the secret to making your gifts, real gifts. There are gifts you receive today and forget about tomorrow, and there are gifts you receive and every time you look at them, it’s like you’re receiving them for the first time. Make your gifts the latter.

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