Sex At 50: Make Your Experience Count With Something New

Sex Life After 50As men and women grow older it can be difficult for them to reenter the dating scene after a long absence. Not only do they have to deal with the nerve racking experience of meeting new people, there is also the frightening thought of engaging in sexual intercourse. Men can be just as self-conscious about their looks and their physic as women, and sometimes it can be difficult for them to believe that they can keep up with the younger generation.

There are a few tips that older men and women can follow that will help them regain the confidence they had in their youth, and still keep the same level of experience and maturity their older age has taught them. Here is how you can make your sexual experience count and keep the spark of love alive after 50 with something new.

What to Wear to Look Good Naked

It seems that no matter their age, men enjoy seeing a woman wearing something that makes her feel sexy. Even though a woman’s body may have a few scars and stretch marks, they can easily be hidden by silk stockings, and sexy high heeled shoes. Garter belts can almost always turn a man on, and lace corsets can make a woman both look and feel sexy. There are really no rules to what makes a woman look good naked, it is about what makes her feel sexy that is important.

How Men Can Look Good Naked

Just like women pamper their bodies before engaging in sexual activities, most men also find themselves taking the same care. While older men may not have the same physic that they had when they were younger, they can still impress a woman at any age. Along with showering and shaving, men can also improve their appearance when they are naked by exercising regularly and practicing good hygiene. This also includes taking care of their teeth, and trimming any unwanted hair growth. Not only will this help men to feel better about their physical appearance, it can also help them to have more confidence in the bedroom.

Underwear: Be Prepared

Hopefully men always remember to wear clean underwear, and to take care that this important article of clothing also looks freshly washed. Nothing is more embarrassing, or a bigger turn off, then seeing an old or dirty pair of underwear lying on the floor. Whether it is boxers or briefs, the only thing that matters is that they are clean.

When You Dim the Lights

Happy Old Copule

Sometimes it is impossible for men and women to relax enough to have intercourse, and many men have found that simply lying next to each other can be almost as enjoyable, and often even leads to sex later on in the evening. When the lights are finally turned off, the most important thing is to simply enjoy yourselves. When you reach a certain age you will find it easier to relax and let the moment happen.

It is important to be prepared, once the romantic lighting is set. If sex toys or lubricants are going to be used, have in already in a place that is easy to get too. Simply because you have turned the lights down doesn’t mean it is time to rush. Pace yourself and let her enjoy the romantic setting, and you can both enjoy the feeling of having sexual intercourse again.


Men and women who are in their 50’s can still enjoy a full and satisfying sexual life, even if they are entering back into the dating scene after a long hiatus. With the maturity you now have and the experiences you have learned, you are at the point in your life where you can have amazing sex.

Take your time and enjoy everything that is associated with having sex, from pampering your body to choosing the perfect lingerie. Remember, that sexual intercourse doesn’t have to always be perfect and that it should be enjoyed by both partners. Chances are that if you do have problems with your erection, or another embarrassing problem, both you and your partner now have the maturity to still have fun and have an orgasm when the timing is right. Men are often surprised that sex can get better after they turn 50.

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