Propose to her: A few extraordinary proposal ideas

love ecardsThere are some extraordinary moments in life that are so special that they cannot be explained vividly through words. Your marriage proposal is definitely one among such moments. Therefore, you should try to make it unique in such a way that you and your partner remember it for the rest of your life.

So if you want to explore a few out of the box proposal ideas to give your partner a pleasant surprise on the spot, look no further than this article right here. We have compiled a list of extraordinary ideas that can definitely do the job for you. Let’s begin.

A truly unique ring never goes out of fashion

Okay, we’ll start this with a proven, tried and tested method that always works. Well, at least it used to work in our era and we are pretty sure that it’ll work for you too.

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Right, now plenty of people have asked us this question: a ring? What’s so unique about it? It’s common; isn’t it? In fact, most proposals actually occur in the presence of a diamond-studded ring. Now we have agreed with the most that most marriage proposals actually do occur with a diamond ring but what if you improvise on the choice of the stone?

Diamond rings are common and hence, they have lost all that uniqueness. Therefore, we are asking you to go for a few alternatives to make your proposal a standout among the crowd. A 3D designed ring studded with any other precious stone like a ruby or an emerald can definitely do the trick for you.

You should also know that colored gemstones are truly unique and aren’t commonly used as a part of a proposal ring. Therefore, we are asking you to take this route to make your proposal special and more memorable.

Implement the switch ring technique

The switch ring technique is commonly seen in romantic movies where the hero places his proposal to his lady love on a beautiful beach with a surprise gift of her choice.

The scene usually occurs in this way: the hero goes down on his knees and places his proposal to the lady accompanied by the ring. The smiling lady accepts the proposal, takes the ring, opens it and finds…just a piece of charcoal!


The hero pretends to be absolutely flabbergasted by the absence of the ring and pretends to search for the original one hither thither with real gusto. And after some time he comes up with original ring from a hidden spot nearby and presents it to the lady. The movie ends with a kiss and the vibes of the “happily lived ever after” tagline.

Okay, now our suggestion to you would be to replicate the same tactic in your marriage proposal. It can actually work like a charm you know.

Opt for a few non-traditional gifts

We are not saying that conventional or traditional gift ideas are bad for this purpose of yours. But since we are dealing specially with out of the box proposal ideas in this article, we’d like to keep it that way and discuss a few non-traditional gifts in particular. Let’s begin


  • A trip to a rock concert can definitely be an excellent gift idea for your loved one. Consider placing your proposal to her at exactly the moment when the band’s rocking the stage with their most famous guitar solo. That’ll certainly be a cherry on the cake.
  • Place your proposal to her with the aid of an ecard during a romantic candle light dinner. Plenty of free romantic ecards are available on the internet that you can use for this purpose of yours.
  • A visit to a beach or a hill station can also be a good idea. Now that’s some sort of a special vacation that always works you know.

Last but not the least, be a little arty

Imagine a scenario where you gift your partner a beautiful painting of a man proposing to his lady on the sea-beach.

Love ecards

As soon as you gift the painting, recreate the entire painting live in front of your love to create an extraordinary moment out of nothing. Your partner’s definitely going to love it for sure. Now that is going to be one of those moments that you two will probably cherish for the remainder of your life.

Uniqueness you wanted, uniqueness you’ll get.

Always remember that imagination is your only limitation especially when ideas are concerned. It’s time we sign off for the time being. Hope these tips come in handy for you. Bye!

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