Naughty Tips to Have Great Sex with Your Partner on Valentine's Day

During Valentine’s Day, you should be naughty. It is the day you have an excuse to love and show love. Love is overwhelmingly flowing on this day. If both of you have tension on what is going to happen or what is next, don’t even think too much or even get worried about the next thing. The two of you should make an effort to do something unusual in your relationship. Since the night is coming, be prepared to go wild. Do something crazy that will clear sexual tension and bring your emotions, affections, and amiability into equilibrium of satisfaction. This year, embrace the following naughty tips to have a great sex, which will mean wild intercourse the whole year:

Decide on a Place that Will Give You an Opportunity to Have Wild Sex (Monkey Intercourse)

On Valentine’s Day, give her an unforgettable treat. We are talking about wild sex in a wild place. Understand that, a woman can admit she doesn’t want anything but that admission does not necessarily come from the heart. She just wants something exciting from her man either way. To be wild, add variety to your sexual life by having sex in an unimaginable place. Think of the shopping mall. Are you wondering how? If you are going to the shopping mall to shop for Valentine's Day, go with her to the dressing room and have a quickie. Sex in the mall will be one of the best stories she will talk about the whole year. If you want to succeed with sex in the mall, try going there when there is little to no traffic.

Take Control of Activities and Planning

Take charge in planning all activities. The idea here is being a bad man for the sake of a naughty sex. If she plans the day, definitely naughty sex will not arise anywhere. You should even dictate how she will dress up. Ask her to meet you somewhere unique at a certain time. If you’re home, go there ahead of time and call her to meet you. If she tries to suggest otherwise, be firm and ask her do the romantic thing you want so long as you reciprocate of course.

Show Your Girlfriend the Extreme Male You Are

It is all about Naughty sex ideas for Valentine’s Day. On this day, call your lady up and ask her to dress perfectly for dinner. Go a step further and firmly suggest that she doesn't wear any undergarments. Women like a man who is in charge most of the time. In fact, all the time. Be sure she understands that if she defies your order you may take matters into your own hands, literally.

Think About an Adventure She Didn’t Expect

Valentine’s Day is day to think outside the box. Give your woman a picnic she does not expect. If she has a car, use it and leave yours this time round. You can even go to the extent of hiring a good car such as a limo. Have someone plan for the picnic food and put it in the hired car without notice. Or better yet, cook for her something delicious and exotic. A picnic in a botanical garden, Chinese garden, near a waterfall or near a mountain with caves is a great idea. You could also have a picnic under the moonlight and slow dance under the stars. Also, take this as an opportunity to have another quickie outdoors.

Explore Her Body and Mind

Make sex an engaging and wholesome activity. Explore her body one part after the other. Go for her neck and massage and nibble her from the back. Complement each part of her body starting from her hair to her toe. Tell her she is beautiful and that you love her. Always do something extraordinary this day during lovemaking. Try to make it the slowest and longest ever.


Success on having naughty sex during Valentine’s Day rests on earlier planning. You don’t have to involve her in the planning. She expects sex this day but she will probably be waiting for the normal bedroom or a common hotel room activity. Try to be unique and do extraordinary things that will exquisitely memorable for her. In addition, naughty sex during valentine will add to variety of sex styles and will spice up your romance. Therefore, throw in a variety this day. All women want a commanding male. Whatever you tell her to do, don’t even allow her to offer an excuse. Insist and mean it. Valentine's Day this year is the perfect time for the typical man, who normally hates Valentine's Day, to take control and show his dominance and finally gain his woman's admiration.

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