How to Save Your Marriage Before You Have a Baby

ceqwfqwPregnancy is one of the best periods in a woman’s life. But this is also the time when spousal relations could be strained for a number of reasons.That’s why many couples start arguing over senseless things which can later reflect on the baby’s ambiance. So it’s crucial to solve your problems in time in order to prevent more serious issues in future. For most of men a woman should be a cleaner, a cook, and someone you adore. That perception is totally wrong. So here are the 5 ways to keep your marriage from falling apart.

1) Talk About all Disagreements and Problems That Cause Bickering

Women know that after giving birth they will have а myriad of sleepless nights and no time for rest. This is precisely what most often bothers mothers-to-be. So the solution is to keep the line of communication open and discuss everything that disturbs you. In addition, the key point is to learn how to communicate safely without finger-pointing, blaming or shaming. A basic example: before judging and expressing your disapproval of the fact that the windows aren’t cleaned or the dinner isn’t ready first you should ask her if she’s good or if there’s a problem.

2) Avoid Additional Stress at This Point

If you are planning to change your home or work, it would be better to postpone your decision for later. It’s more likely to increase the stress in your relationship adding the so-called external stress factor.

3) Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help With the Cleaning or Other Chore

Your husband won’t think that you’re lazy or irresponsible if you admit that you can’t do everything on your own. Furthermore, don’t forget that you are a couple so you should understand and support each other. Cleaning the home is time-consuming duty that can be done for you by a team of professional cleaners. That way you will feel more relaxed and will have more time to spend with your husband. For example my niece who lives in Perth, Australia, married recently and even though she isn’t pregnant she uses all the free time she has to spend with her beloved traveling around the country, going out for picnics or just watching movies at home.

4) Talk With Other Young Parents

People who have gone through this major life change might be able help you with handling this mentally. Having friends who are also expecting a child would also be good for you, because you could exchange thoughts, share your worries, and help each other with mentally processing the things you’re going through. Support is always a powerful tool for dealing with your problems.

5) Don’t Neglect the Love Infusions.

Working on your marriage is a real challenge especially when you are in a crisis. Lets forget for a minute all the domestic responsibilities-cleaning, washing, cooking, and ironing and focus on the connection between each other. Also, be happy with the fact that soon a miracle will happen-a sweet baby will be born. Loving behavior in that period is crucial to keeping the warmth and fondness of each other. These listed below love infusions can help and bring joy to your relationship:

- Appreciations - Remind him everyday how much you respect, love, and care about him. When a woman shares what she likes and loves about her spouse she shows him how significant he is for her. That way her partner feels that his efforts are valued. All you have to do is to spend 2 minutes per day to look into his eyes and say a couple of lovely words expressing your recognition.

- Kisses and Hugs - Spend everyday at least 2 minutes hugging and 30 seconds kissing your spouse. With the passage of time this process is quite mechanical but don’t be afraid of that because it continues to deliver happiness and

connects the couple emotionally. So the conclusion is: do it whenever you wish!

In summary, lets just act lovingly and caring in order to stimulate our own feelings for our spouse. Demonstrating care and love is not something to be ashamed of, contrariwise it makes the relationship stronger. I believe that with these 5 steps couples can re-awake the love between them and enjoy the time they spend together.

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