How To Make An Impression On The First Date

The first date is one of the most important events in the relationships of every couple because it is the first date that allows to get the first romantic impression about each other and perhaps, to decide whether it is reasonable to waste their time on each other. The first date is always very important and therefore, very exciting. Most people are pretty nervous about this event and are afraid to fail and leave a poor impression on their crash. However, it is possible to make this experience pleasant and successful, if one follows several simple recommendations. of course, there is never a solid guarantee that you will not fail in any case, because not all circumstances depend on you personally. However, you can make everything possible to create the most favorable atmosphere for your date and decrease the possibilities of failure.

Unless you are using professional services of a matchmaking service CupidTrust ( and they organize everything for you, including place, booking, tickets, etc., you have to take care of your first date yourself. So, the first aspect of a successful date is, in case you are the party who organizes the event, to choose a proper setting. Choose a place and activity that will allow you both to communicate enough and to know each other better, but not become bored with each other.

Considering these tips, both a movie and a cafe may be not the best choices. There is no point in wasting time sitting silently in the movie because you cannot talk. Just eating out at a cafe is the most popular option, but it is in fact very boring. You are risking to choose the cafe with a cuisine your date does not like, or the service will fail you this particular day, and it is not really pretty to talk actively with your mouth full. So, think well before choosing the place.

In case you are the party that is offered the place by your crush, try to be sincere and, if you do not like the offer, tell about this right away. Do not agree merely out of politeness to spend a boring or unpleasant evening as a consequence. On the other hand, if you are offered a new activity to try, perhaps it is better not to be a party pooper and agree on the offer. Even if you are not sure you will like the experience, you can at least agree to try. This will make you more attractive in the eyes of your potential partner because no one is encouraged by a date who rejects all their ideas in the first place.

When choosing what to put on for the first date, the most popular advice is to put on your best clothes. But this is not always a good choice. If your first date is a cycle ride, putting on a cocktail dress or a suit is a stupid idea. So the very best recommendation is out on the clothes that fit you and also fits your plans for the first date. You will feel comfortable and therefore, will be more confident.

Try to avoid:

  • new clothes (it may turn out not comfortable and you will suffer for the rest of the evening);
  • shoes you do not wear much (if you blister your heels, this will be a disaster);
  • the very best clothes you have (unless you are going to a super-posh party).

Pleasant Communication

To create the best impression while communicating, forget about the advice to show your best sides and tell the funniest and the most interesting stories about your life. By doing that, you are likely to overleap yourself and leave the impression of an egoistic boaster. Instead, do it smarter and ask your interlocutor about themselves. Try to know more about them, because this is what you are interested in the first place. There is no use in impressing a person you do not know; maybe you won’t like them later? So be smarter and ask instead of talking endlessly. Also, be sincere when talking about yourself and your life.

Do not be afraid to tell about funny cases or your fails; this self-irony is the best sign that you are a mature person, that you know your advantages and therefore are not afraid to tell about fails. Thus, you will establish a live communication instead of one-sided self-advertising, will know more about the person you are trying to impress and will be able to get under their skin with your sincere attitude.

Lively and efficient communication together with a favorable choice of place and activity for the first date will help you stay confident and create the best impression on your crush.

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