How to Maintain Better Bedroom Health

sexual healthWhen practised safely, sex and foreplay can be some of the most exhilarating and rewarding parts of being a human being in a glorious physical body. Unfortunately, so much real-world, practical information is never spoken of due to the social taboos around talking about a past time that has been occurring since the beginning of history. Here we will outline ways to enrich your bedroom experience with an emphasis on personal safety for all involved.

1. Pee after sexual intercourse.

This is one of the top ways to ensure against developing a urinary tract infection. The actual act of urinating flushes the body out and removes any of other person’s lingering bodily fluids which can be seen as foreign by your body. It also flushes out any environmental contaminants that may have been picked up from the environment before having intercourse.

2. If the condom breaks

During vaginal intercourse, a condom with a relevant expiration date actually stands very little chance of breaking when there is enough lubrication provided by a female who is adequately aroused. To ensure enough lubrication, take care in prolonging foreplay and communicating around what she wants and needs. Adding lubrication from a bottle is also an option.

3. Purchase only natural, organic, paraben-free lubrication products.

Most or all of the lubrication products at your local sex store are loaded with parabens, petroleum-based chemicals and other harmful synthetic chemicals that can be harmful to the body in the long run. In addition, the sensitive skin of the sex organs is especially vulnerable to unnatural applications. With all the natural, organic, earth-based mixtures on the market, there is no need for toxic chemical exposure. Do a google search for natural and organic lubrication products to familiarize yourself with brands available. provides outstanding descriptions of their products and the reasons for embracing a fully holistic lifestyle in the bedroom and beyond.

4. While birth control has a high chance or preventing pregnancy, it will not prevent spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s).

Condoms and oral contraceptives are not equal when it comes to spread of disease. Both condoms and contraceptives have a high, although not guaranteed, likelihood of preventing pregnancy. Only condoms can prevent most STD’s from spreading if used properly. Ideally, both partners ought not to be in an active state of disease when engaging in sexual activity that could spread it. Most STD’s are not the end all and those that are chronic can be managed and placed in remission by abiding by a treatment plan initiated by a doctor and getting tested after treatment to ensure one is disease free before exposing others through sex is the ethical thing to do.

5. Opt Out

A couple does not need to have intercourse to have a good time. For those worried about sexual health and looking for alternative options, vibrating toys such as Hitachi Wand Massagers can be a great source of pleasure and entertainment for the couple.

Communicating clearly about sex, needs, and expectations is the most gratifying way to evolving a sexual relationship with a partner. Absolute commitment to keeping each other healthy and safe and good family planning will lead to phenomenal sexual exploration for years to come.

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