How to Maintain a Remote Relationship

When you fall in love, parting seems like an eternity. When the summer comes, we do not even want to think about the fact that someone will have to leave. What to do, if your soulmate has to go for a business trip or a long-planned journey? How to cope with worries? Is it possible to maintain relationships remotely?

Despite a huge number of gadgets, you may think that nothing could replace a real presence. That is true. Even rich single women became lonely because their husbands were far away from them. Relationships at a distance are always stressful and complex, and therefore psychologists advise you to work on yourself and your relationships. How to do it? What to do in order not to lose your connection?

  1. Turn on the “self-sufficiency” mode

Being in a relationship, you should never lose yourself. When you met you have probably fallen in love with each other exactly because of who you are. Therefore, the time that you spend alone with yourself is the time that makes you the one he loves, wants and waits.

  1. Communicate!

Modern technologies allow you to be in touch 24 hours a day and maintain communication from any place in the world. Video calls, messengers, social networks are the means to handle communication with your partner as often as possible. Discuss your problems and happiness, share plans and ask for advice. Regular communication will strengthen relationships. You can send photos, romantic messages, funny pictures or just smiles at each other. The main thing is to demonstrate to the partner what you think about him and that he is important to you.

  1. Make things in order

While your soulmate is away, take care of what you have set aside to be with him. It is very easy to forget with the beginning of a new relationship. Do not lose your interests, which was before meeting with him. Sometimes, remote relations can even be beneficial to both partners.

  1. Get rid of jealousy and suspicion!

It often happens that the suspicions spoil the life of both lovers in a remote relationship. Constant interrogations, suspicions, tears, and tantrums will not help you; on the contrary, they can lead to a breaking up. Be patient and stop suspecting betrayal at any step of your soulmate.

  1. Do not forget about romance

Distance is not a barrier. Arrange a romantic meeting with webcams. Candles, compliments, a glass of wine and a certain atmosphere will help you and your partner not to lose the romantic mood in everyday life. Do not worry that you are still on different sides of the monitor. If both of you are confident in your feelings, such evenings will help to spend time together with pleasure.

  1. Be Faithful

Relationships at a distance could also be with parents – but your photo with an unknown blond guy is unlikely to upset them. But the boyfriend will need to get an explanation that the picture on Instagram is just a picture. You should not try his patience in this way: jealousy does not warm up but heats up a relationship.

  1. Patience!

Just as it is important to determine the goals and the path of development of relations, it is also important to stick to the chosen vector of actions. Most likely, your partner also does not like to see you every few months and to fry pancakes for breakfast alone. Patience and work not only grind everyone, but also help you cope with the situation yourself and help your partner.

  1. Personal Meetings

Despite the triumph of technology and their invaluable contribution to the LDR, little will replace the date. Hugging, walking together, and eating mother’s meatballs is still better than looking in the little window of FaceTime. For example, the young father, Essam Saleh, drove 700 kilometers home and back every weekend — it was particularly difficult for him to be on Mondays at work. In his touching essay for The Star, he told how he and his wife managed to keep their feelings (the proof is a two-year-old daughter), and ended up on a life-affirming note: next Sunday he will no longer take a return ticket, but stay home with his family.

The main thing is to believe that you will meet very soon. Remember that many couples break up only because they fear distance.

Have you had any remote relationship experience? If yes – share your impressions and opinions in the comments!

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