How to Find a Perfect Gift for Her to Make Her Feel Special

So, you bumped into her, fallen for her and the chemistry does not seem to recede? Don’t want to lose her to some other bloke who is ready to sweep her off her feet? Or maybe you want to show gratitude to your mum, a congratulatory gift to your sister, a girlfriend or your wife? Maybe you answered yes to all the above questions, and you remain on a dilemma on how to find a perfect gift for her to make her feel special. You want to make sure that the gift will have the intended impact, but you are not sure. These questions resonate to many of us as we try to win her heart. With numerous kinds of gifts to choose from, a well thought out and planned gift will have a greater impact. The following tips are important in your choice.

The fact is: A lot of men have had their gifts thrown on their faces or rejected flatly. Or the special woman in your life just decides to feign gratitude to please you, only to discard the “gift” later. Enforcing your own perception on a gift cannot work because her perception might be different. Your thoughts and care matter and women look for your intentions. Consider the following factors for a better choice:

Personalize Your Gift

So many adorable things abound for a gift, but does she value and appreciate the gift offered? For a perfect gift that shows that you love and care for her, find her interest, likes dislikes, and values. Some cues might be from what she told you, in which case, you will have most of your homework done upfront. Since it is not always the case, then use your creativity depending on your research, how long you have known each other and the type of event. If our significant other likes surprises; utilize that chance. If she asked for a certain gift, then you have all the advantages. You can also get clues from her closest friends and family members, but make it discreet. You can also tailor a certain gift specifically for her. For example, a gift can bear your recipient’s name, an appropriate personalized text or a unique design not found anywhere else.

The Type of Event

Different events dictate the gifts to be offered. You can seize an opportunity of her event such as a birthstone during a birthday party, a special card during a graduation ceremony or flowers during Valentine’s Day. In Mothers’ Day, for example, you can present your mother a gift that she will appreciate. Different gift humpers are designed for different occasions. Therefore, it will be easier for you to find a specific gift. Alternatively, you can choose gifts with a general theme.


Always consider the expense to be incurred. Although a gift should not necessarily be expensive, it should not also be too cheap. Nonetheless, your thoughts count most. If you have no money, you can save towards a present. You can also be creative and do something spectacular for her: an art, a well designed DIY card or anything that is intimate. You might get surprised at the impact of your creativity.

Alternatively, adventures abound to make your girl feel special and make her fall for you. Organize for an adventure to good destinations such as skydiving. Experiences gained from nature walks, a vacation and concerts and other events are gifts worth the outcome. Some are expensive, but others like nature walks are less expensive.

Follow Trends

Life is not static and trends are commonplace. New trends can be enticing and addictive, and your loved one may be thrilled by them. Look around to get insight into the new and trendy item; for example, a fashion and a new phone model.


Asking the right questions, albeit indirectly, might save you time and get the right clues. You can also get insight into what your significant other keeps saying or complains about:
“It would have been better if I had a…”
“If only I had…..”
“I don’t have enough…”
This is a perfect opportunity and she will appreciate that her needs were listened to.


The more you stay with someone, the more familiar you shall be to her interests, values, and aspirations. Picking up on what she says over the years and what she does, helps you to get gift ideas. In that case, the recipient will identify with the gift since it resonates with her interests and anticipation. If not very familiar, you can get her background information because family traditions are different, and therefore they dictate gift choice. She may have a different inclination to certain gift ideas. Sometimes this can be a source of excitement for both of you or hurt the feelings. Just be keen to notice any subtle cues that will lead to a perfect choice.

Purpose of the Gift

Are you merely gifting to get admiration, love or expect reciprocation of the same? Or you want to make your bonding stronger, make amends for a past grievous mistake or conflict with your partner. Whichever the purpose it is, it will determine your gift choice. For it to be effective, it should be commensurate with the anticipated outcome. If you want to thank your mum for being a good parent to you, then your present should be something she loves or in line with her style. You can ruin your gift’s purpose if you get a gift that that will portray a negative impression unknowingly. For example, a weight-related gift. Therefore, it is important to be keen on how to get a perfect gift for her.


In case of a special occasion such as a birthday party, as discussed earlier, a present is always expected. However, it also works wonders if you decide on random gifts. The surprise from an unexpected favourite gift will be effective. But again, it doesn’t have to break a bank. It is the care, love, and appreciation that matters.


Emphasis on how to get a perfect gift for her cannot be overestimated. Various ideas might get you your best choice and impact your relationship in a positive way. Take some time to brainstorm for ideas. Well thought out and planned gift choice will help you in your intended purpose. With these tips, you can sweep her off her feet, demonstrate your love, and care and strengthen your bond.

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