How Mature Women Improve the Success Rate of Dating

The most important thing: keep beautiful

The life of women over 35 years old is divided into another phase. Because the average woman at this age already has a marriage, career and family. It’s not just her own, it’s the same with her body. The body has been mature, fixed, and even slowly towards aging. From the point of health, women should pay attention to their health and beauty at the age of 35. How can women over 35 years keep beautiful?

Qi1. Enough sleep

Oriental society advocates Qi, if women are lack of Qi, they cannot sleep well. Scientific sleep method should be timed and quantified. You sleep time should be suitable. As a mature woman, you should have enough sleep time, and go to sleep before 11:30 pm, wake up naturally in the morning. In this way, according to the principle of daytime activity and night rest, we can better nourish Qi.

2. Keep the health of chest

Women begin to lose breast tissue and fat since they are 35 years old. With the aging of the breast, women will gradually appear breast ptosis, areola contraction, and hyperplasia of mammary glands and so on. At the same time, when you touch the armpit near the breast, you will have too soft or hard feelings. To keep breasts young, women need more care, diet and massage is the best way.

On food, women should eat more orange, grape, tomato and other foods contain vitamin C, which can prevent deformation of the chest; cauliflower and sunflower oil and other foods containing vitamin A are beneficial hormone secretion; seafood, such as shrimp, shellfish, which contains zinc is an important element in the production of female hormones.

3. Keep a good mood

At the age of 35, women need to understand that emotions can make a dramatic change on themselves. A pleasant mood can make them really have a radiant appearance which is enough to affect the appearance.

4. Arrange the plan properly

35 years old, the most beautiful youth has been long gone. Women should be more focus on family and career, so it is necessary to arrange your own life. Even if busy, but also to squeeze out time to maintain body and exercise yourselves, do not let the body aliasing. According to the survey, the middle-aged women will face the problems that estrogen secretion decreased, skin dry, resistance low and physical quality reduced.

5. Do a good job of skin cleaning

Cleaning the skin is the main step of daily skin care. Now the environment, pollution is becoming more and more serious, so every day to come back from outside, women’s skin should be thoroughly cleaned and washed.

What mature women should pay attention to on date?

Mature women don’t have much leisure time, so once you start dating, you must tell yourself that happiness is the top priority. Devote yourself to this time, and don’t feel guilty if you don’t have children around you. I’m sure the mature woman must have arranged everything for the child before dating. It’s quite normal to find your own love and partner. You should give yourself a chance to dress up, re glamour and win the admiration of others. After a few uncomfortable moments, mature women will be more comfortable looking for love again.

Dating is risky after all. Here are some tips to help mature women to keep themselves and family safe when dating:

mature women dating

1. Ask some questions about your date and know who he is. For example, what does he do? Does he have records of bad behavior?

2. The intention of dating should be a pleasant conversation and a good evening. Don’t think too much about what this relationship means.

3. Unless you have known each other and have dated him for several months, don’t ask him to meet too close to your home. Don’t let him know your address.

4. If you start the relationship from online dating, you should choose the reliable platforms to find a partner. When you communicate with him, don’t give him the address or phone number, unless you have completely reassured him.

5. Be careful when you introduce each other to your family. Perhaps you love him very much before he meets your child, if he cannot get along well with your child; there is no room for compromise in the protection of children.

6. Before introducing him to your family, you must know him, his friends and his family well. In this way, you can understand him in different ways. His friends are sure to reveal a lot of information, including his personality, hobbies and habits. When you introduce him to your friends and family, be sure to listen to their opinions about him. They must be able to see things that many mature women don’t necessarily see.

Again, make a safe and wise appointment, and most importantly, be happy! Mature women deserve love again!


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