Dating Online: 3 Reasons to Be Specific in Your Dating Profile

online datingComing up with an online dating profile can be difficult work. Not only do you have to answer questions about yourself, but you have to do it in a way that will make you seem interesting. You are putting yourself out there for the world to see, and then being judged based on how well you made your profile.

For many people, they are unable to find matches through online dating because they did not set their profile up well. There are so many people in these online sites that it can be tough to stand out from the crowd. To fix this, we have one strategy that you can implement — one that many people overlook. And that is to be specific.

A lot of profiles have very general answers about themselves — Likes hiking, traveling, and sports. By being more specific, you can accomplish three things, which can be the difference between finding a match, and still going solo.

You'll Stand Out

First, being specific helps you to stand out. When everyone else has a profile that says they like to travel, yours will list all of the places you have been to, and which were your favorites. Then, when someone who has been to the same places sees your profile, this list will make an impression in their mind. They will know that you aren’t simply saying you like travel in order to seem worldly — you really mean it.

It Will Develop a Connection

If a person comes across your page and notices that they have something specific in common with you, that will form a connection between the two of you. You will instantly have something that you can talk about, and shared interests are very important to relationships.

It Makes You More Memorable

Lastly, when you are specific in your online profile, you are more likely to be remembered. Someone on an online dating site could be sifting through dozens of matches each day. If a person has just general things listed about them on their page, then this information is going to simply wash over the person viewing it. There will be nothing memorable about your page, and it is likely to be forgotten.

However, if you are specific — for example, by putting which local trails you like to hike along, or what your favorite comedy movies are — you may stand out from the crowd. Rather than registering you in their head as that person who likes hiking, you will be seen as that person who goes hiking in the trail near you, and this makes you more memorable.

How to Be Specific

Being specific is not difficult. When it comes time to list your hobbies, what you do for a living, and other interests that you have, be sure to give as many details as you can. Rather than saying you work in IT, list that you are a Web designer who specializes in local businesses. For each and every category, give as many details as you can in order to stand out.

Having a successful online dating profile is about much more than simply being attractive and putting up a good picture of yourself. People looking at your page want to get a sense for who you are, to see if there might be a connection there. By being more specific, you are giving potential matches things that they can connect with you over, and you’ll therefore be more likely to find success.

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