Date-Thing in Australia

I don’t know about you, but I believe that Australia is one of the best places to enrich your social life, which makes Australians one of the most interesting mates you can ever have, i.e. if you are lucky enough to score yourself one.

Australians are only for the extreme and liberal-minded people, for they are the very definition of the term liberal. It’s only in Australia that you’ll find the largest population of kangaroos in the world, and it’s only in Australia you’ll find the most interesting people to take out for unforgettable dates that may last a lifetime.

It’s only in Australia that there are no gender-specific roles for the dating scene

It’s common for women to ask men out for dates in this country of extremes. Australia is the only place in the world where women understand the significance of their empowerment.

According to body language studies and research, women initiate most relationships. However, in most cultures, women only give subtle cues as green lights to men they like. Unfortunately, only a handful of men can pick up these signals and make their move.

Hence, sadly, in most cultures, very few men get to be with the women they really want because they are horrible at interpreting the subtle cues of interest from women. Moreover, very few women end up with the men of their dreams because they rely on men who can read minds – but such men don’t exist.

Be that as it may, things are different in Australia. If a girl likes a boy, rather than giving subtle cues of interest hoping that the guy will interpret her smoke signals, she goes ahead and asks the guy out – what man will misinterpret that?

Furthermore, very few cultures have women who genuinely want to pay for dinner or split the bill. Men still do pay for meals on dates, but often, if it was the woman who suggested the date, Australian women will insist on taking care of the expenses. And, if the guy puts his foot down, demanding that he is the man, the chances are that they will end up splitting the bill.

Also, there is like a tacit agreement among Australian students to split the bill on dates, because they understand each other’s financial situation, and the guy doesn’t have to pay since Australian women can take care of themselves.

It’s only in Australia that dates often start in groups

Not in the sense of orgies, swinging, speed dating or last man and woman standing, but in the initial stages of a relationship, it is a cultural thing for Aussies to hang out with the friends of those they are interested in or invite their person of interest to hang out among friends, as they assess other.

Yvonne Allen highlights that Australian women may be upfront regarding their interests and intentions when it comes to dating, but still, they are careful about whom they involve themselves with. The group thing or including other friends in the initial stages of getting to know someone new is for testing the waters.

Nevertheless, once it’s clear that a man and woman like each other, the couple places the “exclusive” sign on the door, in CAPS.

It’s only in Australia where Facebook is VERY important

Yeah, Facebook is everywhere, and other cultures in the world still value it, but not in the same sense, it does to Aussies. In as much as Australian women are not afraid to ask a guy out, they still don’t go out with just anyone just because there are some chemical reactions taking place.

Both Australian men and women like to know about each other before getting serious, and Facebook is a useful tool for having a sneak peek into a stranger’s life. Almost everyone in Australia has an Active Facebook account. And naturally, Australian women are not afraid to send friend requests to guys they like.

I know I’ve been on and on about how liberal Australian women are, but come on, where else are women this empowered, enlightened, and awesome? America?

It’s not only in Australia where dating and relationships are very serious

Well, some things just can’t be helped because of the nature of who we are as well as the nature of this world. Even in Australia, people cheat on each other, one-night stands are valued, and you should expect funny characters.

Nonetheless, Australians take relationships very seriously once they get exclusive. Yes, cheating happens, but Aussies don’t take it lightly, and the consequences will not be pleasant at all. Moreover, it can be a thing in the US and other parts of the world for people to see more than one person at a time, but they don’t tolerate this behavior in Australia. I guess I’m just emphasizing on how exclusive things are once things get serious.

Australians are loyal to each other and prefer to engage in long-term meaningful relationships with their partners. You may think that the fact that they are extreme, they are loose, but it’s quite the contrary. Australians are “go-getters” who are not afraid to go after who they want or need!

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